10+ Tips to Make Professional Resume for Software Engineers in 2023

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Resume for software engineers

How to make a resume for software engineer jobs in 2023?


You have landed at the right place if you are seeking answers to similar questions. The demand for software engineers is increasing exponentially with the advancement of technology.

According to Statista, the IT industry in India spent more than $95 billion in 2021, which exceeded $101 billion in 2022. Considering these statistics, the software engineering market will grow more in 2023, resulting in more job opportunities.

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Hence, we are here to answer all the fundamental questions about writing a software engineer resume. These answers and additional information will help you land your targeted software developer job in India.


  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a software engineer?
  • How can you write a resume for a software engineer?
  • What are the key skills for a software engineer resume?
  • What is the average salary of a software engineer in India?
  • How to boost your software developer salary in India?


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Building a software developer resume can take a lot of your time and effort. However, you can ease the process by using Hyresnap Resume Builder. It is an AI-based platform that can help you frame a professional software developer resume in easy steps.



Roles and Responsibilities of a Software Engineer


The roles and responsibilities of software engineers can vary according to their job title, company, and industry. However, some fundamental roles and responsibilities of a software engineer are:



Design and Development 


It includes analyzing user requirements, developing software solutions, and creating technical specifications.


Testing and Debugging


As a software engineer, you will test software code to ensure it works as intended and fix every error.



Maintaining Software


After the software development, software engineers maintain and update it as needed, including adding new features, fixing bugs, and optimizing performance.



Project Management 

Software engineers may also manage projects and perform operations like creating project plans, tracking progress, and reporting to stakeholders.



Software Documentation


Software engineers create documentation, including technical specifications, user manuals, and other materials to help others understand how to use the software they have developed.


Software engineers are responsible for software design, development, maintenance, testing, and documentation. These professionals work collaboratively with other teams and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to ensure they use the best tools and development practices.



Sample Resume For a Software Engineer


Take a look at the sample resume for a software engineer. You can refer to this example to build your software engineer resume in 2023.



Sample Resume For a Software EngineerHow to Build a Professional Resume for Software Engineers?


Resume building is certainly not a piece of cake. Hence, expert guidance will help you go through the entire process without any hurdles.

Considering this, we are listing the points that you can follow to frame a job-winning resume for software engineers in 2023:



Choose a Professional Resume Format


This is the first step in the software developer resume-building process. From all the resume format details available online, you will have to choose one that suits your profile and situation.

Here we have listed three widely used professional resume formats that you can use while framing your software engineer resume:



Chronological Resume


You can use this resume format if you do not have a career gap. It lists your details in reverse chronological order, with recent ones at the top.



Functional Resume


You can use this skill-focused resume format if you have a career gap. Unlike the chronological resume format, it focuses on the applicant’s skill set instead of the work experience.



Combination Resume


As its name defines, it is a blend of both functional and chronological resume formats. You can club similar points under specific skills in this resume format. Additionally, it allows you to list the details in reverse chronological order.



Make an Outline


After selecting a suitable resume format, you can create an outline. It will help you arrange the resume sections professionally.



Add Technical Keywords


Most recruiters use ATS to filter unsuitable resumes during the resume screening round. Your resume must be ATS-friendly to parse through it without hassle.


Hence, we recommend adding technical profile-centric keywords wherever possible in the resume. It will enhance the technical strength of your resume.



Use Bullet Points


Your resume needs to be easily readable, as recruiters do not spend more than 10 seconds to analyze a resume. Hence, we suggest using one-liner bullet points instead of long paragraphs wherever possible in your resume.



Write a Professional Summary/Objective


Writing a resume summary is not easy as it must possess all the highlights of your resume. Hence, writing it after framing every other section of your resume will be great. Here are some points that will help you write an appealing resume summary:


tips Writing An Appealing Resume Summary:
Write in concise and easy-to-read language.
Use technical terms and keywords.
Add essential metrics to make it technically strong.
Do not exceed 5 lines while writing a resume summary.



Proofread Twice Before Sending


Now, when everything is done, you need to proofread your resume precisely. It will help you rectify all the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

Hence, it is important to proofread the resume twice before using it for any job application in 2023.



Essential Software Developer Resume Sections


A professional software engineer resume can help you bag a well-paying software developer job. Hence, you need to be attentive and use professional language while framing your software engineer resume.

Here we are listing all the essential software developer resume sections that will improve the professionalism of your resume for software engineer jobs in 2023:




As its name suggests, it is the uppermost part of your resume. You can mention your name instead of ‘Resume’ as the header of your cv.



Contact Information


This is your resume's second section, where you must add all your professional contact details. 


Contact Information To Include In Resume:
Email Id
Phone Number
LinkedIn Profile
GitHub Id


Note: Do not add non-professional links like Facebook or Instagram in this section. It will affect your professionalism negatively.



Profile Title


In this section, you can mention the profile title you are applying for, such as Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Server Engineer, Web Designer, etc.



Resume Summary


It is the most critical section of your entire resume. Hence, you can frame it after writing every other section of your software developer resume. The resume summary must possess every highlight of your resume. 

You can mention your professional achievements, skills, and key qualities in the summary section of your resume. However, remember to keep it concise and not let it exceed 4-5 lines in your software engineer resume.



Resume Objective


You can write a resume objective instead of a summary for entry-level software developer resumes. You can mention your key skills, qualities, and whatever you want to achieve in your resume for entry-level software engineers.



Key Skills


After a resume summary/objective, you can mention your key skills for the applied software development job. Here are some key skills that you can add to your software engineer resume in 2023:


  • Software development
  • Software Testing
  • Agile Development
  • Project Management
  • SDLC
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving




Technical Skills


You can highlight your technical skills separately in your software engineer resume and grab the recruiter's undivided attention. These are some technical skills that you can use in your resume for software developer jobs in 2023:

  • Programming languages (Java, React, Node, HTML, CSS, etc.)
  • Databases (MySQL, MongoDB, etc.)
  • Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc.)
  • Cloud Computing
  • AWS



Professional Information


Here you can list your professional information, including skills and achievements. You can mention everything you have done during your professional journey.

We recommend using bullet points while framing this section for better readability. You can follow these below-given points to frame this section of your software developer resume:


  • Start every bullet point with a power verb.
  • Highlight key metrics and technical keywords.
  • Use numbers wherever possible in the bullet point.
  • Frame every bullet point in action-result format.
  • Club similar bullet points under one heading.



Training Details


Freshers can add this section in their resume for software engineer jobs in 2023 instead of the professional information section. You can add the following points to frame this section professionally:

  • Profile title
  • Name of company/institution
  • Joining and completion date
  • Bullet points for tasks done





Freshers can use this section in their resumes to list projects. If you are a fresher, you can follow the below-given points to frame this section professionally:


  • Highlight your project name.
  • Mention a short description of what it does.
  • List the skills used to build the project.
  • Write the result generated by your project.



Education Section


As its name suggests, it shows your educational background. You can add the following details in this section of your software developer resume in 2023:


  • Name of Degree
  • Enrollment & Graduation Year
  • Institution Name
  • Location of Institution 
  • Major Subjects
  • Grades Obtained




You can add your training and certification details in this section. Here are some points that you can consider adding:


  • Name of Certification
  • Date of Completion
  • Major Topics Covered


Volunteer Experience



It is not an important section, but it can add value to your resume. You can make a separate section to list your volunteer experience in your resume.


Whether serving in an NGO or playing a vital role in college events, you can add its experience to your resume. It will showcase your versatility and team spirit during the recruitment process.



Additional Information



This is the last section of your resume, where you can add all the additional information you want to showcase in the resume.


Mostly it is used to list the languages you know, i.e., Hindi, English, French, German, etc.


Average Software Engineer Salary in India



According to Payscale, the average salary of a software engineer in India is Rs. 622,057 per annum.

However, the salary of software engineers can vary depending upon many conditions across the country. Let us have a look at them:



Factors Affecting Software Engineer Salary in India



The salary of software engineers differs from each other based on many reasons. Major factors for salary difference are:



Job Location


Job location plays a vital role in defining your software engineer salary. A person in a developing city will get less than a person working in a developed IT hub at the same profile.


Hence, we advise you to get a job at a company located in cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Hyderabad.



Company Size



Company size is the second factor that can affect your software engineer salary. Generally, big companies or MNCs pay better than early-stage startups.

However, you can learn more in startups than in MNCs. But for a better salary, we recommend joining a big company in 2023.



Experience Level



Your salary will eventually rise with your experience level. Below you can see the average salaries of software engineers at different experience levels in India:


Experience Level

Average Salaries in Rupees

Less than 1 year486,381
1-4 Years591,237
5-9 Years1,000,076
10-19 years1,715,960
More than 20 years1,032,250



Modern Skillset



People with the same profile titles and different skills will also get different salaries in India. Here we are listing some programming languages and the average salaries offered to their experts across the country:


Programming Language

Average Salaries in Rupees




How to boost your software Engineer Salary



You can boost your software engineer salary by following these below-given points:




Technical Degree



Getting a technical degree is the first step to boosting your salary. Most people start working after getting their bachelor’s degree.

Hence, you can make a difference by getting a Master’s degree. Recruiters prioritize candidates with higher educational levels for technical positions in 2023.



Get Certified



You can get specialized certifications via different online sources, including Coursera, Udemy, Google, etc.


These certifications will portray you as an expert during the recruitment and will help in getting you better remuneration as a software engineer.



Earn Experience



It is well known that experienced professionals get a better salary than freshers. Hence, we recommend you keep patience and enhance your experience level. Your salary will keep increasing with your experience as a software engineer.



Stay Updated


Technology is leaping every moment. Hence, you must stay updated with the latest programming languages and software development methodologies to get a better salary as a software developer in India.



Hyresnap Career Assistance


Getting a software engineer job in 2023 is not easy looking at the population and job market of India. You need to stand apart from the crowd to increase your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process.

You will get many competitors with the same skill set and education as yours. Hence, your resume remains the only thing that can make a difference. 


Here comes the role of HyreSnap, an AI-based resume builder that can help you build a technically strong professional software engineer resume with some clicks.

Have a look at the key features of HyreSnap Resume Builder:


  • 1000+ Resume Templates
  • AI Assistance
  • AI Job Matcher
  • 24x7 Support


You can also use HyreSnap’s AI-based job board to apply for software engineer vacancies available in India.



Key Takeaways


Whether you are building a resume from scratch or revamping the current one for your next job, resume building will always be a time taking process, even for experienced ones.

You can follow the above-given techniques to ease the process. Here are some key takeaways from this resume-building guide:


  • Pick a professional resume format, i.e., Chronological, Functional, and Combination.
  • Outline your software developer resume with all the required sections.
  • Use technical terms and profile-centric keywords throughout your resume.
  • Write every detail in bullet points except the summary for improved readability.
  • Add technical skills to improve the technical strength of your resume.
  • Write a job-winning resume summary after framing every other section of resume.
  • Highlight key metrics and technical keywords to get the recruiter’s attention.
  • Proofread your resume twice before using it to rectify spelling and grammatical errors.


These points will help you frame your resume professionally and will increase your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process. However, you can also use HyreSnap's AI-based resume builder to build your resume. It will save your time and help you craft a technically strong resume with its world-class AI algorithm.

Additionally, its 24X7 customer support will help you eliminate every hurdle while using this AI platform. Job hunting can be tough, but getting elected is even harder. HyreSnap can prove to be a great support in your next job hunting in 2023. Wishing you all the luck for your next placement.



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