Top 7 Resume Format For Freshers With Examples of 2023

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Freshers resume format

Are you looking for your first job?


Getting a fresher job can be exhausting, as most employers will ask you for work experience. Additionally, you need to hustle with millions of graduates to get your first job.


In such conditions, you need to be backed up with a professional degree, skills, certification, and an impressive fresher resume to stand out from the crowd.


So, what does an impressive fresher resume look like? How to make a job-winning fresher resume? You must be hustling with similar questions now.


Worry not, as we are elaborating on every resume format for freshers available in 2023, along with every answer related to the fundamental fresher resume-building process here, including:



Building a resume for freshers is difficult as you have no professional experience to show. Moreover, your fresher resume will look empty and unprofessional if you do not frame it properly.

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Hence, we recommend using an AI-based tool like HyreSnap Resume Builder to write a fresher resume. It will save a lot of your time and deliver you a job-winning fresher resume in a few clicks.


If not, you can use the knowledge illustrated below to write your first fresher resume in 2023:



Best Resume Format For Freshers


You will see a lot of resume templates for freshers online. However, not all of them will help you bag your desired job.


Fresher resume building requires precision and attention to detail so that everything can be clearly visible in front of the recruiter.

Here, we have mentioned a sample resume format for freshers that you can use to build your first resume.


Example 1: Software Developer Resume Template for Freshers


Priyanshi Garg


(+91) 98456-63782


Resume Objective:

To obtain an entry-level software development position in a reputable organisation where I can utilise my technical skills and knowledge to develop high-quality software solutions.


Soft Skills:


  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Detail-oriented and proactive
  • Collaborative and team-oriented
  • Willingness to learn and adapt


Technical Skills:


  • Programming languages: Java, Python, C++
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Database management systems: MySQL, Oracle
  • Software development methodologies: Agile, Scrum
  • Version control systems: Git, SVN


Training & Internship:


  • Software Development Intern, XYZ Technologies, Anytown, India (May 2022 - August 2022)
  • Completed a 6-month training program in software development from ABC Institute, Anytown, USA (January 2022 - June 2022)




  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, XYZ University, Anytown, India (September 2018 - May 2022)
  • Relevant coursework: Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming, Web Development, Database Systems, Operating Systems




  • Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate


Volunteer Experience:


  • Volunteer Software Developer, Non-Profit Organisation, Anytown, India (September 2020 - Present)
    • Collaborated with a team to develop a web application for managing donations and volunteers
    • Conducted user testing and implemented feedback to improve user experience


Additional Details:


  • Participated in various coding competitions and hackathons, including Codeforces and Google Code-in
  • Contributed to open-source projects on GitHub
  • Proficient in English and Hindi.


Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


                                                                                                                    Priyanshi Garg



Top 3 Resume Format For Freshers



Choosing a suitable resume format for freshers is the first step to building your fresher resume in 2023. 


Out of all the fresher resume formats available online, we have picked three globally used simple resume formats that you can use to build your fresher resume:



Chronological Resume Format for Freshers


This is the most commonly used fresher resume format available online. It tracks your employment history in reverse chronological order, just like you see on LinkedIn. This resume format is mostly used because of its familiarity with recruiters and hiring managers.

However, being a fresher, you might not have any work experience, but you can frame the ‘Training & Internship’ experience the same as ‘Work Experience’. In the ‘Training & Internship’ section, you can write your most recent training details followed by the previous ones in reverse chronological order.



Functional Resume Format for Freshers


This is one of the least-used resume formats worldwide. However, it is a great option for professionals having a career gap in their professional journey. It tracks your professional details based on your skillset instead of the companies you served for.


For a fresher resume, you can use this one if you are starting your career sometime after your graduation. You can use this fresher resume format and showcase your capabilities in a separate section based on your skills.



Combination Resume Format for Freshers


This is a hybrid resume format that combines both chronological and functional resume format for freshers. It allows you to combine similar bullet points under a skill heading in the work experience section.


Though your fresher resume does not have a work experience section, you can implement its guidelines in your training section. You can use this section too for making your fresher resume in 2023.



Other Resume Format For Freshers


Above given are the best resume format for freshers you can use in 2023. However, we are listing some more fresher resume formats, which are not that effective, but worth noting in 2023:



Targeted Resume Format for Freshers


The fresher resume formats built specifically for a particular job targeting its requirements can be considered as a targeted resume format for freshers.


However, you can be confused as we recommend customizing your resume for every new job as per its requirements.


You do not need to write a new resume for every job you apply for. Instead, we advise you to just change the job title and technical terms throughout the resume.



Profile Resume Format for Freshers



A resume format for freshers with a user profile at the top, describing basic details and abilities, can be considered a profile resume format.

In simple words, this is another way to mention the ‘statement of qualifications’ or ‘professional summary’ in the resume.



Infographic Resume Format for Freshers


As its name defines, the resume format for freshers possessing infographics can be termed as infographic resume format. 


We recommend not using such resume formats as they are hard to analyze by ATS and can result in ranking lower in the ATS screening round of a recruitment process.



Mini Resume Format for Freshers


A mini resume format for freshers is a resume type that you can fit behind your business card. However, it's not like shrinking your entire fresher resume into unreadable fonts.


You can address your name and details at the front of your mini resume and pick some professional highlights and abilities to mention at the back of it.

These are 4 additional resume formats for freshers in 2023 apart from the aforementioned popular resume formats. We highly recommend using chronological, functional, or combination resume formats to write your fresher resume this year. 



Qualities of The Best Resume Format For Freshers



Now that we have gained the details of different resume format for freshers, let us see the key qualities of the best resume format for freshers:



ATS Friendly



Your resume needs to be ATS-friendly to get in the line of the best resume format for freshers. By ATS-friendly, we mean having these in your resume:


Important tips for ATS friendly resumes
Include Technical Terms
Have Profile-Centric Details
Include Technical Skills
No Infographics




Easy to Read


Generally, a recruiter does not spend more than 8 seconds to screen a resume. Hence, we recommend using easy-to-read English language while writing your fresher resume.


Follow these points to enhance the readability of resume
Follow a simple layout
Mark sections clearly
Use bullet points
Select professional font
Write an easy-to-read summary


One-Page Format



Gone are the times when you needed to make long elaborative resumes to impress the recruiter. Now, recruiters do not have time to spend extra minutes on your resume.


Hence, we recommend making a concise resume and trying to wrap everything up in one page of your fresher resume.



Submit as a PDF



PDF is the standard format in which you can submit your fresher resume. Many employers use iOS products, and opening Word Documents in it can sometimes cause issues.


Hence, we recommend building your fresher resume in pdf format so that everyone, regardless of their operating system, can access it without any hurdles.



Essential Elements for the best CV Format For Freshers



After selecting a suitable resume format for freshers jobs, you need to make an outline and add all the vital resume sections in your fresher resume.


For that, you do not need to worry as we are listing all the major resume headings here that you can use to make your resume outline for fresher jobs in 0223:



Use Elegant Header: A Vital Part of Good Resume Format for Freshers


The traditional resume-building techniques require ‘Resume’ or ‘CV’ to be mentioned at the header of your fresher resume.

Now, the time has changed, and things have become more straightforward. The current resume-building trends show that you can place your ‘Full Name’ instead of ‘CV’ or ‘Resume’ in the resume header.


Guidelines to make the header of for resume
Use the largest resume font.
Highlight it with an eye-appealing color.
Write it in a professional font.


Pro Tip: You can also use a professional photo along with your name at the top. However, you need to ensure that there are no fillers like sunglasses, background, or unprofessional hairstyles in your picture. It must be completely professional.



Mention Contact Details: Essential in Every Resume Format for Freshers


Below your fresher resume header comes the contact details part. Here you need to add all your professional contact details. For instance, you can add the following information in this resume section:


Personal Details to include in resume
Phone number
Email ID
LinkedIn profile
GitHub profile


We recommend avoiding casual profile links like Facebook to maintain the professionalism of your fresher resume.



Write Profile Title: Important Part of Simple Resume Format for Freshers


The profile title in your resume format for freshers jobs points to the profile you are applying for.


You can change it as per the title given in the job description. Below you can see the guidelines to frame this section effectively:


Few Tips for making profile title for resume
Use a professional font
Write it in the second-largest resume font
Use the same font color that you have used for the header


Add Key Skills to Your Fresher Resume Format


This is one of the key sections of your fresher resume. Moreover, it is the section where recruiters and hiring managers pay most of their attention if you are applying as a fresher.


Hence, we advise adding as many profile-centric skills as possible to your fresher resume. You can also check out your desired job description to grab some skills and mention them in your fresher resume.


Additionally, you must ensure that all of your mentioned skills are related to your Training and education section.  



Resume Format For Freshers in Engineering: Soft Skills


Here you can see some soft skills that you can add to your fresher resume if you are from an engineering background:


Fresher Resume Soft Skills

Fresher Resume Soft Skills

Analytical ThinkingCommunication Skills
CollaborationAttention to Detail
Critical ThinkingCreativity
Problem-SolvingOrganisational Working 
Team ManagementTeamwork



Resume Format for Engineering Freshers: Technical Skills


You can make a separate section to list all your technical skills in the fresher resume. Below you can see some technical skills of an engineering fresher that you can use:


Fresher Resume Technical Skills

Fresher Resume Technical Skills

PrototypingStatistical Analysis
AutomationBusiness Operations


Describe Career Objective in Your Resume Format for Freshers


You can start writing this section after completing every other part of your resume format for freshers.

Experienced candidates are required to write a resume summary, but, being a fresher, you can only attempt a resume objective.


Similar to the resume summary, your resume objective must be related to your training and education.


Below you can see the examples of a wrong and right resume objective for a fresher resume:



Wrong Fresher Resume Objective:
“To obtain a position at a well-established company where I can gain experience and climb the corporate ladder.”



Right Resume Objective:
“To secure an entry-level position in software engineering, where I can leverage my technical skills and passion for programming to contribute to the development of innovative software solutions.”



The above-given resume objectives are focused on software development candidates, and you can see that the right one includes some technical terms.


You can also include some of your skills in the resume objective if you master them.



Tell About Your Training & Internship in the Fresher Resume


This section of your fresher resume can fill up the gap of a professional experience section. You can add all of your training and internship details in this reaction of your fresher resume. 



Points that will help you frame this fresher resume section elegantly
Use one-liner bullet points instead of long paragraphs
Add profile-centric keywords and essential metrics
Highlight the keywords in every bullet point
Club similar bullet points under a skill heading
Write every bullet point in STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format


Write Your Education Details in the Resume Format for Freshers


As its name suggests, you can add your education details in this fresher resume section. We have mentioned some points to add that can make this section appealing and easy to understand for the recruiter:


Details to include under education section of resume:
Name of Degree
Institution Name
Grades Obtained
Enrollment Year
Graduation Year
Major Subjects



Add Certifications to Strengthen Your Fresher Resume


It is very difficult for freshers to get their first job. Hence, you must enhance the technical strength of your resume as much as you can to stand still during the recruitment process.


Getting certified with a technical certificate is one of the most effective measures that can make your resume technically strong.



Points to include while framing the ‘Certifications’ section of resume:
Name of Certificate
Issuing Institution
Grades Obtained
Year of Completion
Major Topics Covered


If you do not have additional certifications to add to your resume, you can check out these below-given ed tech platforms to get one in 2023:



Apart from the above-given platforms, there are plenty of other ed-tech platforms that you can use based on your career stream and desired profile and get certified.



Mention your Volunteer Experience in the Fresher Resume


You can add your experience as a volunteer in different campaigns during your academics and even after that in your fresher resume.


Details for volunteer experience section of resume:
Name of the organization
Your designation
Starting & ending time
Things you’ve done there


Though it is not a very important resume section, it will showcase your work spirit, dedication, skills, and other soft qualities as a fresher.



Write Professionally Accepted Additional Information in the Fresher Resume

This is the last section of your fresher resume that you can add before the resume declaration line.


Here you can add your professionally eligible additional information that you couldn’t add in other resume sections.



Details to include for additional information section of resume
Technical events you participated in
Languages you know
Other profile-centric activities you have done



Resume Format for Freshers of Different Profiles


You can keep the resume format for freshers similar while targeting every profile. However, you will need to change the details under every section targeting the profile title.


Here are some profiles that you can refer to for a better understanding of ‘how to build fresher resumes for different profiles?’:


Resume Format For Freshers Data Analyst

Resume Format For Freshers Business Analyst

Resume Format For Freshers Software Engineers

Resume Format For Freshers Application Developer

Resume Format For Freshers Digital Marketer



Write a Cover Letter to Send With Your Fresher Resume


A cover letter can help showcase the information you couldn't add to your fresher resume. It is not necessary to send a cover letter with your fresher resume for every job application. However, sending one will undoubtedly make an impact during the recruitment process.



follow these steps to build an elegant cover letter to send with your fresher resume in 2023:
Refer your recruiter or hiring manager by name instead of ‘sir’, ‘ma’am’
Try to cover up everything under 500 words
Mention your achievements, capabilities, and special skills in the first paragraph
Write about your qualities admired by previous managers in the second paragraph
Add your liked things about the company you are applying to the third paragraph
Close your cover letter with a statement of expecting a revert anytime soon



You can follow these steps or go through our Cover Letter Building Guide to write a cover letter without facing any hurdles.



HyreSnap Career Assistance


Millions of fresh graduates start their first job hunting every year, and without experience, only their resume can make a difference during the screening round.


However, making a professional resume when you are a fresher is quite difficult. In such cases, HyreSnap Resume Builder can be a great help. It is an AI-based tool that can build resumes in a few clicks.


Here are some key features of HyreSnap Resume Builder that might catch your eye:



Features of HyreSnap resume builder
Unlimited resume downloads
AI-based job board
24X7 Support
AI-job matcher
Mock interviews




Key Takeaways
Choose a suitable resume format for freshers, i.e. Chronological or Combination
Make an outline including all the essential sections in your fresher resume
Write all your fresher resume details in bullet points instead of long paragraphs
Add technical terms and profile-centric keywords throughout your fresher resume
Avoid adding casual social profiles like Facebook in the contact information section
Highlight essential metrics and keywords in the training and internship section
Write your resume objective after completing every other part of your fresher resume
Proofread with a calm mind to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes


You can follow these points to frame an impressive fresher resume for your first job search. Apart from this, you can also contact our career experts at to resolve all your career-related confusion. We would feel extremely obliged to help you frame a prosperous career in this competitive market.

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