12+ Tricks to Use Simple Resume Format in Word

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simple resume format in word

Should I use a simple resume format in Word?


Numerous professionals get puzzled by similar questions while drafting their resumes. If you are also one of them, then here is the answer.


Yes, you should use a simple resume format in Word for your upcoming job applications.


A simple resume format comes with many benefits. It makes your resume ATS-friendly and also easy to read to grab the recruiter’s attention.

Considering this, we are here with all the essential information about using a simple resume format in Word. Here we are answering:


  • What is a simple resume format?
  • When to pick a simple resume format?
  • Why pick a simple resume format?
  • What are the traits of a simple resume format?
  • What are the sections to add in a simple resume format?
  • How to choose a suitable resume format in 2023?
  • How to use Word resume templates?
  • Is Word doc better than pdf?


Resume building is undeniably a complex task for every job seeker. It can affect your selection chances negatively if not completed properly. 

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Hence, if you are unsure about building a professionally correct resume, use HyreSnap Online Resume Builder. It is powered by artificial intelligence to help you craft a technically strong resume to enhance your shortlisting chances in the resume screening round.

If not, you can follow the below-given tips and tricks to build an ATS-friendly resume by using a simple resume format in word:



What is a simple resume format?


A simple resume format in word is a straightforward, easy-to-read document highlighting your skills, experience, and education. You will not see graphical representations in a simple resume format.

A simple resume format is entirely made up of text, numbers and symbols. However, you may see the candidate's picture in some simple resume formats as some companies want to have that in their resume.



When to Pick a Simple Resume Format in Word?


A simple resume format can be a good choice in several situations. Here are some examples:


For entry-level positions: If you are just starting your career or have limited work experience, a simple resume format can help you highlight your skills and education.


For jobs in traditional industries: Some industries, such as law, finance, and government, prefer traditional and conservative resumes that are easy to read and follow.


For jobs with larger companies: Larger companies often use automated systems to scan resumes, and a simple format can ensure that your information is parsed correctly.


For jobs that require a straightforward approach: Jobs in fields such as customer service or administration may require a more straightforward and clear approach to resumes.


Ultimately, the decision to choose a simple resume format depends on your situation and the job you are applying for. Consider the job requirements, company culture, and industry norms when deciding the best resume format.



Why Pick a Simple Resume Format?


The biggest reason to use a simple resume format is that you can easily parse through the ATS screening round. 

Let us see the major reasons for choosing a simple resume format in Word:


Easy to read: A simple resume format is easy to read and follow, making it more likely that recruiters and hiring managers will review your resume thoroughly.


Consistency: A simple format ensures that your resume is consistent and easy to compare to other candidates' resumes. This can help you stand out and make a strong impression.


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Many companies use ATS to scan resumes for specific keywords and phrases. A simple resume format with clear headings and bullet points can help ensure these systems correctly parse your resume.


Focus on content: A simple format can help you focus on the content of your resume rather than spending too much time on formatting and design. This allows you to highlight your skills, experience, and achievements more effectively.


Time-saving: A simple format can be quicker to create and update than a more complex or design-heavy resume. This can be particularly useful if you are applying for multiple jobs or need to update your resume frequently.


Overall, a simple resume format can effectively showcase your qualifications and make a strong impression on potential employers.



Top 10 Traits of a Simple Resume Format


A simple resume format has many benefits that can increase your shortlisting chances. Below are ten traits that you will notice in a simple resume format:


Clarity: A simple resume format should be clear and easy to read. Use a clean, readable font and avoid cluttered or overly complex layouts.


Consistency: Keep the format consistent throughout the entire document, including headings, fonts, and bullet points.


White space: Use plenty of white space to make the document visually appealing and easy to navigate.


Bulleted lists: Use bullet points to organize and present information clearly and concisely.


Relevant information: Include only the most relevant information for the job you are applying for. Avoid including irrelevant details that may distract from your qualifications.


Reverse chronological order: List your education and work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.


Active language: Use active language and action verbs to describe your skills and experience.


Quantifiable achievements: Highlight your achievements in measurable terms, such as percentages or dollar amounts.


Consistent formatting: Use consistent formatting for dates, job titles, and company names.


Easy to print: Make sure your resume is easy to print and can be saved as a PDF to ensure that the formatting remains intact.


By following these traits, you can create a simple and effective resume format that showcases your qualifications and makes a strong impression on potential employers.



Sections to Add in a Simple Resume Format


To get maximum benefits during recruitment, we recommend adding all the essential resume sections to your simple resume format.


Sections you can add to a simple resume format in word:
Resume Header
Contact Information
Profile Title
Resume Summary/Objective
Key Skills
Technical Skills
Professional Experience
Educational Details
Extracurricular Activities
Additional Information


Some of these sections can differ according to the selected resume format, work experience, and job profile. Apart from this, you can use all these sections in your resume to make a professional impression in front of the recruiter.



How to Choose a Suitable Resume Format in 2023?


Choosing the right resume format is crucial in 2023 as it can greatly impact your chances of landing a job. Here are some tips to help you choose a suitable resume format:


Consider the industry: Different industries have different preferences regarding resume formats. 


For example, a creative industry may prefer a more visually appealing and unconventional format, while a more traditional industry may prefer a more classic and straightforward format.


Think about your experience: Your resume format should showcase your skills and experiences in the best possible way. 


For example, if you have a lot of experience, a chronological resume format may be the best choice. In contrast, a functional resume format may be better if you're changing careers or have gaps in your employment history.


Keep it simple: No matter what format you choose, make sure it's easy to read and understand. Avoid using too many graphics or complicated layouts that may distract from your content.


Use a template: If you're unsure where to start, consider using a resume template appropriate for your industry and experience level. 


This can help ensure that your resume is formatted correctly and looks professional.


Customize it: While a template can be a helpful starting point, it's important to customize your resume to fit the specific job you're applying for. 


Ensure your resume highlights the skills and experiences most relevant to the job you're seeking.

Ultimately, the goal of your resume is to showcase your skills and experiences in a clear and concise way. 


By choosing a suitable resume format and customizing it to fit your needs, you can increase your chances of landing the job you want in 2023.



Simple Resume Format Example 2023

Name: Sonali Gupta

Address: 123 Main Street, Bengaluru, India

Phone: 123-456-7890

Email: sonali.gupta@email.com


To obtain a software engineer position at ABC Technologies, where I can utilize my skills and experience to contribute to the company's growth.



Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, XYZ University, Bengaluru, India

Graduated: May 2022




  • Proficient in Java, Python, and C++
  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with software development methodologies, including Agile and Scrum
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills




Software Development Intern, DEF Company, Bengaluru, India

June 2021 - August 2021


  • Developed and tested software applications using Java and Python
  • Assisted in the design and implementation of new features for existing applications
  • Collaborated with team members to ensure the timely delivery of projects



  • Created a web application for a college library using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Developed a chatbot using Python and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques



  • Certified Java Developer, Oracle, 2021



Available upon request.



How to Use Word Resume Templates?

Using Word resume templates can be a great way to create a professional and polished resume quickly and easily. Here are some steps to follow:

Open Microsoft Word: Ensure you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. If you don't have it, you can purchase it or use a free alternative like Google Docs or OpenOffice.


Choose a template: In Word, click on "File" and then "New" to access the template library. You can search for "resume" or browse through the available templates to find one that suits your needs. There are many different styles and formats to choose from.


Customize the template: Once you've chosen a template, you can start customizing it with your own information. 


Click on each template section and replace the placeholder text with your own text. You can also change the font, font size, and color scheme to suit your preferences.


Save and export: When you're finished customizing your resume, save it to your computer. You can then export it as a PDF or Word document to share with potential employers.


Some tips to keep in mind when using Word resume templates:
Choose a template that matches the industry and job you're applying for.
Keep the design simple and clean to ensure it's easy to read and understand.
Customise the template with your own information and use keywords from the job posting to highlight your relevant skills and experience.
Don't rely solely on the template - proofread and edit your resume to ensure it's error-free and well-written.


Using Word resume templates can be a convenient and efficient way to create a professional-looking resume. With a little customization, you can make it your own and impress potential employers.



Is Simple Resume Format in Word Better than PDF


Word and PDF formats have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to resumes. 


However, in general, a simple resume format in Word can be more beneficial than a PDF format for the following reasons:


Editability: A Word document can be easily edited and customized by the employer or recruiter, whereas a PDF document cannot be edited without the use of specialized software.


Compatibility: Most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) companies use to scan and process resumes are compatible with Word documents, while some may have difficulty reading and processing PDFs.


Layout: A simple resume format in Word allows for greater flexibility in terms of layout and formatting, making it easier to tailor the resume to the specific job requirements.


Readability: A simple resume format in Word can be easier to read on different devices and screen sizes, ensuring the information is presented clearly and concisely.

However, it's important to note that there may be situations where a PDF format is preferred, such as when you want to maintain the layout and formatting of your resume across different devices and platforms. 


Additionally, if you're submitting your resume via email, a PDF format can ensure your document looks the same on the recipient's end.


Ultimately, the choice between a simple resume format in Word or PDF depends on the job you're applying for and the employer's or recruiter's specific requirements. 


It's always a good idea to check the job listing and company website for instructions on submitting your resume.



HyreSnap Career Assistance


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It is an AI-powered resume-building platform that is easy to use and effective enough to offer you a professional and technically strong resume for your next job hunt.



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Using a simple resume format in Word is easy. However, building a practical resume out of it is equally complex. We have mentioned every essential guideline regarding how you can use a simple resume format in Word above. 


Still, you can check out the below-given key takeaways if you have missed anything:


Key Takeaways
Open Microsoft Word, Google docs, or OpenOffice in your system
Click on ‘File’ and select ‘new’, search for ‘resume’ and click on ‘resume template’
Customize the template based on the job profile you want to apply for
Save it and export it wherever you want from your system


Despite this, if you face any issues, feel free to contact our career experts at contact@hyresnap.com. We are focused on helping people to get their desired jobs.



Build your resume in 10 minutes
Elevate your interview chances with our Modern Resume Templates that follows the exact 'Resume Rules' that employers look for.
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