About Us

HyreSnap was an idea that came to life when two friends, Archit and Rajesh saw the need for a platform that helped job seekers as well as recruiters find each other.

Archit Bindal had already conducted more than 500 interviews in 4 years and he had seen first hand all the pain points in the interviewing process.

Rajesh is a leadership coach and the biggest pain point of a company was growth. Hiring C-level candidates the company could not think of A-Level growth. Also fixing their wrong hiring was a challenge.

Discussing this with Archit Bindal who is an IIT graduate they realised that companies and hiring agencies also require a platform from which they can hire assessed candidates. And hence HyreSnap was born.
Our team
Leadership team
We’re a cross-disciplinary team that loves to create great experiences for our customers.
Archit Bindal
CEO & Cofounder
Rajesh Jagasia
B. Strategy & Cofounder
Vikram Jadiya
Client Relation
Camille Abgrall
Leading Business Development
Mariana Jauregui
Project Execution Specialist
Sayantan Samanta
Gaurav Shankla
Head of Content
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