100+ Skills for Resume in 2023: A Complete Guide With Examples

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Are you writing the right skills on your resume?


Yes, you read the right question, as many professionals add irrelevant skills to their resumes that result in rejections.


On average, recruiters spend less than 10 seconds on a resume. Hence, you must clearly highlight your capabilities and skills to leverage that time.

Having profile-centric skills in your resume can grab the recruiter’s attention and might enhance your shortlisting chances. And, if the recruiter finds irrelevant skills in your resume, there is no chance you will get the job.

Now, you might wonder, ‘how you choose relevant skills for resumes?’. Worry not, as we are here to answer all your queries related to resume skills, such as:


  • What are the best skills for resumes in 2023?
  • What are the soft skills for resumes?
  • What are the Hard Skills for resumes?
  • What is the difference between soft skills and hard skills?
  • How can you pick resume skills from job descriptions?
  • What to do if you do not have relevant skills?
  • How to list skills on a resume?
  • What must you avoid while writing skills on your resume?


Resume building is time-consuming and complex for every level of professional. Even experienced people make mistakes that affect them during the recruitment process.

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Be it the skills or professional experience section, it must be framed professionally to get shortlisted. For that, you can always rely on HyreSnap Resume Builder. This AI-based resume-building tool focuses on offering you a professional and technically strong resume for your next job hunt.

Let's move ahead and see what type of skills on your resume you must add and how to do it.



Best Skills for Resume in 2023


You must now have a question: ‘Are there any skills that can be used for every job profile?’ The answer is, Yes.


After analyzing numerous job descriptions and resumes, our career experts have taken out a miniature of Soft and Technical Skills.  You can use these skills in your resume regardless of what profile you are applying for.


Best Skills for Resume

Best Skills for Resume

Computer SkillsLeadership Skills
Communication SkillsOrganisational Skills
Interpersonal SkillsCustomer Service Skills
Time ManagementProblem-Solving Skills
Collaboration SkillsActive Listening
Administrative SkillsCustomer Service Skills
Creative Thinking SkillsManagement Skills
Teamwork SkillsCritical Thinking Skills
AdaptabilityDecision-Making Skills
Conflict ResolutionLanguage Skills



Examples of Soft Skills for a Resume


Soft skills are essential in an employee as these are the traits of a good character. Everyone can learn technical skills from others but developing soft skills like communication, leadership, and character traits are not easy.

Hence, recruiters look for candidates having such qualities to join their team. Below are some soft skills that you can develop and add to your resume in 2023:


Soft Skills For Resume

Soft Skills For Resume

Attention to DetailLeadership
Team ManagementMultitasking
Self-motivationInterpersonal Skills
Work EthicsCreativity
CommunicationTime Management



Examples of Hard Skills for a Resume


Hard skills are the technical proficiency of a candidate to perform all the profile-centric operations.


These technical skills are essential for every job, and recruiters pay special attention to them in the resume.


Here you can see some technical skills required for different profiles in 2023:


Job Profiles

Technical Skills

Human ResourcePayroll Systems, Zoho
DesignerSketch, Figma, Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite
DeveloperScala, C++, Python, C#,R, Java
Project ManagerWaterfall, Trello, Agile, Jira
ERP ProfessionalSAP, Oracle, and Netsuite
Accounting/BookkeepingXero, Quickbooks, and Freshbooks



Differences Between Soft Skills & Hard Skills


Let’s see how these two skill types differ from each other:


Hard Resume Skills

Soft Resume Skills

Hard skills, i.e. Technical skills, are job-specific and differ according to the job profile.


For example- Programming skills, Management skills. Design skills, etc.

Soft skills are considered as an individual’s personal qualities that are quite tough to develop. 


For Example- Organizational skills, Leadership skills, etc.

Development of hard skills is comparatively easier than soft skills via different training, courses, and work experiences.


For example- You can learn programming via an online course or YouTube.

You can develop soft skills only via life experiences, as no online course can teach you team-building and leadership skills.

Hard skills are easier to measure as compared with soft skills.


For example- You can measure a developers’ skills with the total years of experience they have

Soft skills are extremely difficult to measure as you will have to put the candidate in a condition to check his/her leadership or team-building qualities.



Why Do You Need Skills Section for Resume?


The Skills section plays a vital role in your selection. As we have already mentioned, recruiters pay less than 10 seconds to screen your resume.


In such a short span, they spend most of their time checking out the skills, professional details, and the summary in a resume.


This is why the skill section is essential in a resume.



Where Do You Put the Resume Skills Section?


You must place the resume skills section right below the resume summary. It will showcase your skills relevance with the profile title you applied for.


Additionally, it depends on the targeted profile whether you list the soft skills first or the hard skills.


Suppose you are applying for a job, paying keen importance to technical competencies. In such a case, you must list your technical skills above your soft skills.


Hence, we recommend checking out the job description first and analyzing whether the recruiter has focused more on technical competencies.



Follow the below-given standard format for a resume in 2023
Contact Details
Profile Title
Resume Summary/Objective
Key Skills
Professional Details
Educational Details
Training & Certifications
Volunteer Experience
Additional Details




How to Pick Skills from Job Descriptions?


Different job profiles require different skills. Hence, we recommend you write a resume after finalizing the profile you want to apply for.


Tips you can follow while opting for the right skills for your resume in 2023:
List down all your hard and soft skills on your master resume
Grade your proficiency level in each of them. Be honest in this task, as it will help you identify the jobs you are eligible for
Arrange your skills in descending order based on the level of your proficiency
Read the job description and pick out the required skills from it
Align those skills with the skills you picked from the job description
Pick the common ones from your proficient skills and required skills and mention them in the resume


For soft skills, you can follow these steps to pick the right ones:

Imagine a challenging time in your professional journey

Writing down the attributes that helped you overcome that time


We highly recommend being honest about your skills, abilities, and experience during the interview process.


Note: Always make separate sections for your soft skills and technical skills. It will make your resume look more organized and will grab the recruiter’s attention during the resume screening time.



What if You Don’t Have Relevant Skills?


Sometimes, regardless of applying for a profile in your ongoing career stream, your possessed skills do not match the required skills.

In such a case, you can highlight your certifications, academic contributions, and extracurricular activities. It will help you add some skills to your resume and also authenticate them with your experiences.


100+ Skills for 10+ Profiles


Even after all these guidelines, extracting functional skills for a resume is not an easy task. However, you don’t have to worry; we have you covered.


We have a large database of profile-centric skills for multiple profiles. It will help you add relevant skills in your resume.


Below we have mentioned 100+ skills for 10+ job profiles of 2023. You can pick any of them suitable to your job profile and list it to your resume:


Example Skills for Resume of Office & Administrative Jobs


Resume Skills

Resume Skills

Answering PhonesData Entry
Computer SkillsSalesforce
Calendar ManagementShipping
Welcoming VisitorsOffice Management
Equipment ManagementBilling
Meeting SchedulingAsset Management
Inventory ManagementMicrosoft Office Skills
Reception ManagementTeamwork



Skills Examples: Customer Service, Sales, and Retail Jobs


Skills For Resume

Skills For Resume

Lead QualificationCustomer Lead Analysis
Product KnowledgeContract Negotiation
Referral MarketingLead Prospecting
Increasing CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)Self Motivation
CRM SoftwareReducing CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)
Communication SkillsCash Management



Skill Examples: Healthcare & Nursing


Resume Skills

Resume Skills

Vital Sign DiagnosisNursing Skills
Patient History ManagementPatient Assessment
Patient CareRecord Management
Wound DressingEmergency Care
First-AidPatient Education
EMR (Electronic Medical Record)NIH Stroke Scale Patient Assessment
Rehabilitation TherapyMedicine Administration
Blood Pressure MonitoringHygiene Assistance
MeditechEHR (Electronic Heart Record)
Blood TestingUse of X-rays, CT Scans, & MRI



Skills Examples: Information Technology Jobs


Skills For Resume

Skills For Resume

Data StructuresProgramming Languages
DatabasesWeb Design
Web DevelopmentWeb Frameworks
ServersOperating Systems
CodingCyber Security
Open Source ExperienceUI/UX
Machine LearningArtificial Intelligence
Software TestingTroubleshooting & Debugging
Cloud ManagementAgile Development
Frontend DevelopmentBackend Development



Resume Skill Examples: Technical & Engineering Jobs


Resume Skills

Resume Skills

Machine DesignCAD
STEM SkillsTroubleshooting
Lean ManufacturingComputer Skills
Project LaunchWorkflow Development
Technical SkillsTechnical Report Writing



Example Skills for Resume of Marketing & Advertising Jobs


Skills For Resume

Skills For Resume

SEMDigital Marketing
Affiliate MarketingCRO
Keyword ResearchSales Funnel Management
Graphic Design SkillsCMS Tools
Email MarketingEmail Automation
CPCData Visualisation
Google AnalyticsBranding
TypographyYoutube Marketing
Link BuildingGuest Posting
ProofreadingContent Marketing
Content WritingCopywriting



Skills Examples: Project Management & General Management


Resume Skills

Resume Skills

Cross-Functional OperationsTeam Management
Ideation LeadershipPerformance Tracking
Feature DefinitionFinancial Modelling
Scope ManagementForecasting
Profit & Loss ManagementManagerial Skills
Project Lifecycle ManagementOrganisational Skills
Meeting FacilitationProblem-Solving



Skill Examples for Resume: Corporate Training Jobs


Skills For Resume

Skills For Resume

Soft Skills TrainingFinance
Cash ManagementCustomer Service
Learning Management SystemReporting
AuditsInstructional Design
Requirement ElicitationForecasting
Client Relationship ManagementTraining
Team ManagementProcess Optimization
Stakeholder ManagementStatutory Accounting Principles



Example Skills for Resume of Product Management & Business Analyst Jobs


Resume Skills

Resume Skills

Cross-functional Team Leadership & TrainingAgile & Scrum
Client Servicing & Account ManagementBusiness Analysis & Research
Project Management & DeliveryProduct Lifecycle Management
Solutions Design & DeliveryStakeholder Management & Risk Mitigation
Strategy & ExecutionDocumentation & Reporting
Process Optimization & Change ManagementStrategic Planning & Team Management



Skills Examples: Product Development Jobs


Skills For Resume

Skills For Resume

Customer Relationship ManagementTraining & Mentoring
User EngagementCross-functional Team Leadership
Product Management & EnhancementKey Account Management
Client Servicing & CommunicationProcess Optimization
Business TurnaroundCompliance
High-Growth StrategiesChurn Management & Control
P&L MaximizationStakeholder Management
Quality ControlAOP Management
VAS ConsultancyMarket Research & Penetration


How to List Skills on a Resume?


Now, we have listed all the modern skills above  for different profiles that you can add to your resume. Let us see how you can add these skills to your resume in 2023:



Read the Job Description and Pick the Required Skills


Even when you know all the trending skills, we still recommend checking out the job description before writing skills to your resume.


To make a profile-centric resume, you need to change the skill set every time you apply for a job according to the job description.


Below is an example job description for a Junior Frontend Developer post. Here we have highlighted the skills that you can add to your resume if you apply for a similar job opportunity.


Example Job Description (Junior Frontend Developer)


We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic Junior Frontend Developer to join our team. As a Junior Frontend Developer, you will work closely with our senior developers to design and develop user-friendly and responsive web applications. The ideal candidate will have a passion for frontend development, a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and a desire to learn and grow in a fast-paced environment.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Collaborate with senior developers to design, develop, and maintain web applications
  • Build user-friendly and responsive web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Write clean, efficient, and well-documented code
  • Conduct testing and debugging of web applications
  • Work closely with the design team to ensure web pages meet design specifications
  • Participate in code reviews and provide feedback to team members
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest web development trends, techniques, and technologies




  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with one or more frontend frameworks such as React, Vue.js, or Angular
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git
  • Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues and how to address them
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet tight deadlines
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Strong attention to detail and commitment to writing clean, efficient code


If you are a self-motivated individual with a passion for frontend development and a desire to learn and grow, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. We offer a competitive salary, a comprehensive benefits package, and a supportive work environment.

 The highlighted elements of this job description can be rephrased, and then you can use them in the skills section of your resume if you are applying for a Junior Frontend Developer role.



Make Two Separate Sections, One For Soft Skills & One For Hard Skills


We advise you to make separate sections for soft skills and technical skills in your resume. This way, recruiters will not struggle to check your technical skills, which is one of the main aspects of recruiting someone.


Below you can see how we have made two different sections for a frontend developer resume:


Must have technical Skills for front-end developer



Must have Soft Skills for front-end developer
Attention to detail
Organisational Skills
Team building


You can make similar skills sections in your resume and mention your soft and hard skills separately.



Add Your Technical Skills to the Professional Experience Section


You must always ensure that your mentioned skills are also in the professional experience section. It will authenticate your skill and expertise and strengthen the recruiter’s trust in your eligibility.



Mention Some Skills in the Resume Summary


After writing every other section of your resume, you write your resume summary. Now, as the cherry on the cake, we recommend adding some of your technical skills in the summary section too.


It will help you clear the ATS screening round and grab the recruiter’s undivided attention, as recruiters spend 80% of their resume screening time on the Skills, Work Experience, and Resume Summary section.



What Must You Avoid While Writing Skills on Resume?


We have mentioned all the essential points to list relevant skills on your resume. After this, you must know what to avoid while listing your skills on your resume.


Let’s check all the ‘not to do’ points:



Do Not Lie


Do not lie about your skills, experience, or qualifications in your resume. Mentioning fake skills and experience might help you parse through the ATS screening round, but you will undoubtedly get caught in the face-to-face interview. 


Additionally, many companies execute background checks, and if they find your lie, it will demolish your candidature at once.



Do Not Dodge Statistics


We highly recommend showcasing your achievements instead of responsibilities in the resume. Hence, you better use numbers to highlight your strengths and accomplishments during your professional journey.



Do Not Forget to Proofread


Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can be a great negative mark on your resume. Hence, we advise you to proofread your resume twice after completing it with a clear and calm mind.


Resume Skills FAQs



What are the most demanding skills of 2023?


The top resume skills of 2023 that every recruiter wants you to possess are:


Problem-solving skills- critical thinking, analytical skills, and creativity

Interpersonal skills- empathy, communication, and teamwork

Technical skills- programming languages, enterprise software, computer skills, and social media skills

Leadership skills- organizational skills, stress management, and decision making

Customer service skills- prioritization, active listening, and time management




What are the best skills to add to a resume?


There is no universally accepted answer for this, as the skills differ for every profile. Hence, we recommend you read the job description carefully before applying for a job and check whether you are proficient in the required skills. Then add those skills to your resume.



What kind of skills should I write in a resume?


You will require both technical skills and soft skills in your resume to bag the desired opportunity. The absence of any one of these will not get you the desired results. 


For example, you need to have good communication skills and organizational skills apart from technical skills, even for a software developer job.


Hence, we recommend listing the technical skills and soft skills in separate sections of your resume.



How do I list skills in my resume?


Adding skills to your resume doesn’t mean just listing them in the soft skills and technical skills sections. Here are some tips that you can follow while adding skills to your resume:


Tips to follow while adding skills to your resume:
Add your most prominent skills in the resume summary, as recruiters pay attention to it every time they screen any resume
Mention some of your skills in your work experience section to authenticate them and enhance the technical strength of your resume
Make a list of skills picked from the job description and add the ones that you mastered in your resume



HyreSnap Career Assistance


You can add skills to your resume by following the tips above. However, building a technically strong resume still remains a difficult process. 


To ease your resume building, you can use HyreSnap Resume Builder. It is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform that can craft impressive resumes without any effort.


Features of HyreSnap Resume Builder
Unlimited resume downloads
Mock interviews
24X7 chat support
AI-based job board
AI-based resume review



Key Takeaways
Read the job description carefully to select the required keywords and make a list.
Make separate sections for your technical skills and soft skills.
Add skills in the resume summary and work experience section to maintain relevance.
Do not lie while mentioning skills in your resume, as it can demolish your candidature.
Proofread your resume twice before sending it for any job application.



All of these tips will help you frame an impactful skill section in your resume. Still, if you are finding it difficult, you can use HyreSnap AI Resume Builder to write your resume in 2023.


Moreover, you can also consult your every career-related query with our experts at contact@hyresnap.com. We will be obliged to help you frame a prosperous career in its highly competitive era.



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