15+ Tips of Writing Resume For Content Writers in 2023

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Are you looking for a resume for content writers in 2023?


If yes, get ready to dive into the extended knowledge base designed for aspiring content writers in India. 

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India, with a rate of 25% to 30% per year. Content, being the fuel of digital marketing, is also getting high in demand with the enhancement of this sector.


This shows an increasing number of content writer jobs every year. Hence, everyone willing to become a content writer can take a breath of relief as content writing jobs will not be outnumbered anytime soon in the country.

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Let's check out the fundamental answers to every content writing career-centric query, such as:


  • What are the duties of a content writer?
  • How do I write a resume for content writer?
  • How do you write a resume for content writer with no experience?
  • How much do content writers earn in India?
  • Where can I apply as a content writer?


You can build a resume for content writers with the help of a professional resume format, expert guidance, and impressive resume-writing skills. 


However, you might not get the desired results if you lack any of these factors.

In such a case, you can use HyreSnap Resume Builder, a pocket-friendly AI-based resume-building tool designed for every level of professional. 


You can easily enter your information, make some clicks, and get a professional content writer resume in a few minutes.

Now take a glance at the detailed knowledge base for aspiring content writers below:



Content Writer Job Description


It is essential to check out the content writer job description before applying for a content writing job. It will help you get the work details and provide some profile-centric keywords you can use while building your content writer resume.


Below you can see what a content writer job description can look like.



Content Writer Job Description Example:
We seek an experienced Senior Content Writer to lead our content team and create compelling and engaging written material for our company. The ideal candidate will be an exceptional writer, editor, and strategist with a strong portfolio of work across various industries and platforms. As a senior content team member, this individual will be responsible for developing and executing content strategy, managing a team of content writers, and ensuring that all content is of the highest quality and aligns with our brand voice and tone.



Key Responsibilities


Develop and execute content strategy: Work with other teams, such as marketing, design, and SEO, to develop and implement a content strategy that aligns with overall business goals and objectives.


Manage a team of content writers: Oversee a team of content writers, including setting priorities, managing deadlines, providing feedback, and ensuring that all content is of the highest quality.


Create and edit high-quality content: Write and edit various types of content, including blog posts, articles, website copy, social media posts, and other materials, that are engaging, informative, and consistent with our brand voice and tone.


Conduct research: Research relevant topics and industries to develop content ideas and stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.


Optimise content for SEO: Incorporate keywords and other SEO best practices into content to ensure it is optimised for search engines.


Monitor and analyse content performance metrics: Use analytics tools to track content performance and make data-driven decisions on content strategy and optimization.


Maintain an editorial calendar: Develop and maintain an editorial calendar to ensure consistent publishing of high-quality content.


Collaborate with other teams: Work closely with other teams, such as marketing, design, and SEO, to ensure that all content is aligned with overall business goals and objectives.


Adhere to brand style guidelines: Ensure that all content adheres to brand style guidelines and tone of voice to maintain consistency across all materials.




>Bachelor's degree in English, journalism, communications, or a related field.

>Minimum of 5 years of experience in content writing, with a strong portfolio of work across various industries and platforms.

>Proven experience in content strategy development and execution.

>Experience managing a team of content writers.

>Excellent writing and editing skills, with strong attention to detail.

>Knowledge of SEO best practices and content management systems.

>Strong communication and collaboration skills.

>Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.

>Self-motivated with a passion for creating high-quality content.


Content Writer Responsibilities


Though the duties and responsibilities of a content writer change in every company based on different factors like experience, industry type, team size, etc. Here are some key responsibilities that you will have to bear as a content writer in 2023:


Conducting research: Content writers must research various topics to develop ideas and gather information to create informative content.


Writing content: Content writers create content for different mediums, such as blog posts, articles, website copy, social media posts, and other forms of written materials.


Editing and proofreading: Content writers review and edit their work to ensure it's error-free, grammatically correct, and flows smoothly.


Collaborating with other teams: Content writers work closely with other departments, such as marketing, design, and SEO, to ensure that their content aligns with the overall strategy of the organisation.


Staying up-to-date with industry trends: Content writers must stay current with industry trends and best practices to improve their writing quality continually.


Monitoring and analysing content performance metrics: Content writers use analytics tools to track content performance and make data-driven decisions on content strategy and optimization.


Adhering to brand style guidelines: Content writers ensure their writing adheres to brand style guidelines and tone of voice to maintain consistency across all written materials.


Managing multiple projects simultaneously: Content writers need to manage their time effectively and prioritize multiple projects to meet deadlines.



Content Writer Profile Titles

The content writing sector has many profile titles that differ on factors like service industry and company needs. Still, here are some profile titles that you will commonly see if you are building your career as a content writer:


Some profile titles for Content Writers
Content Writer
Technical Writer
SEO Content Writer
Social Media Content Writer
Content Marketing Writer
Digital Content Writer
Brand Content Writer
Editorial Writer
Creative Writer
Grant Writer
UX Writer
Script Writer
Article Writer


These profile titles can sometimes have similar responsibilities but require different skills and play their part in different areas. Hence, you need to read the job description precisely before applying for any content writing profile.



Content Writer Resume Format


Once you have read the content writing job description and know all of its duties and responsibilities, it's time to start building a content writing resume.


To start building your content writer resume, you can start by opting for a professional resume format based on your current status and requirements. 

Out of hundreds of resume formats available online, we have chosen three widely used resume formats globally. These are:



Reverse Chronological Resume Format


It is the most common resume format that every content writer can use if they do not have a break in their career trajectory. 


Addressing its name, this resume format allows you to mention your resume details in reverse chronological format with the recent at the top.



Combination Resume Format

As its name defines, it is a combination of two professional resume formats, i.e. reverse chronological resume format and functional resume format. 


The only difference between a combination and reverse chronological resume is that it allows you to club similar work experience points under a skill heading. 



Functional Resume Format


The functional resume format is wholly focused on professionals with a career gap. 


Hence, this resume format allows you to showcase your experience based on your skills, not your work timeline.



Content Writer Resume Sections


After choosing a suitable format for your content writer resume, you can add all the important resume sections to that.

To keep up your convenience, here we are listing all the vial resume sections that you can add while writing your resume for content writer jobs:



Content Writer Resume Header


It is the Heading of your resume and must include your full name instead of ‘CV’ or ‘Resume’. 



Some tips that you can follow while writing this section of your content writer resume
Use the largest font size of your resume to frame this section i.e. 22-24
Write this section in an eye-appealing colour for better highlighting
Write only the initial letter of your middle name if you have one, for example, Megha S. Sharma



Content Writer Resume Contact Details


The contact details section of your content writer resume will have all your contact details and professional profiles.


You can add the following details to this resume section:
Contact number
Email id
LinkedIn profile link
Medium profile link
Personal blog profile link (if you have any)


Note: We advise you to avoid adding any casual profile links like Facebook in this section to maintain the professionalism of your resume.



Content Writer Resume Profile Title


Now comes the profile title for which you are applying. It is a small section but has great importance.


Some tips that you can follow while writing this resume section:
Use the second largest font size to write your profile title, i.e. 16-18
Write it in a font colour similar to the resume header



Content Writer Resume Summary


The summary gives readers a complete highlight of the resume for content writer jobs. Hence, you must write it after completing all other parts of your content writer resume.



You can follow the below-given points while writing your resume summary:
Wrap it up under 3-4 lines maximum
Add profile-centric keywords and skills to enhance the resume’s strength
Write your most significant achievement and abilities
Do not write too much in this section
Use easy-to-read English with less complex vocabulary



Content Writer Skills


The skills section plays a vital role during recruitment, as it instantly grabs the recruiter's attention.


Hence, we recommend you add all the content writing skills while writing your resume for content writer jobs in 2023.



Some content writing skills that can enhance your shortlisting chances:
Content writing
Academic Writing
Technical Blog Writing
Script Writing
SEO Research
Creative Writing
Content Editing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
SEO Writing


Technical Skills in Resume for Content Writers


To get maximum benefits, we advise you to make a separate section to write the tools you use as technical skills for content writers in 2023:



Some tools you can use as technical skills for content writers in 2023:
Hemmingway Editor



Content Writer Resume Professional Experience


Now comes the most crucial section of your content writer resume. The work experience section contains all your professional details in reverse chronological order, with recent at the top.

It is a vital part of your resume and needs to be crafted with a focused mind. These points will help you write a strong, effective, and professional work experience section for your content writer resume:


Points For Professional work experience section for content writer resume:
Write bullet points instead of paragraphs in this resume section
Start every bullet with an action verb
Every bullet point needs to follow the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format
Add technical terms and profile-centric keywords at every point
Authenticate your achievements with numbers and highlight them
Club similar bullet points under a skill heading for an organised view


Content Writer Resume Education

The content writing career niche does not require any specific educational background. However, a degree in mass communication will be a plus point during the recruitment process.


Education for a content writer encompasses a combination of formal education, practical experience, and continuous learning. 


While a degree is not mandatory, obtaining a bachelor's degree in fields such as English, journalism, or communications can provide a solid foundation in writing skills, grammar, and critical thinking. 


Developing strong writing skills through regular practice and extensive reading is essential. 


Gaining practical experience by writing for blogs, publications, or through internships and freelancing helps build a portfolio and exposes writers to different industries and writing requirements. 



Details you can add to craft this section professionally:
Name of degree
Institution’s name
Location of institute
Grades obtained
Enrollment and graduation year
Major subjects


Content Writer Resume Certifications


Certifications are not necessary but can boost your content writer resume’s performance during the resume screening time.


Need to have certifications? We are backing you up on that part too. Below you can see some content writing certifications that you can attain based on your requirements:



Add the following points to frame the certifications section:
Name of certification
Issuing institution
Completion year


Content Writer Resume Additional Information


Lastly, you can add every additional detail that you want. However, you need to ensure that the details you mention are not affecting your resume's professionalism. 


Generally, candidates use this section to acknowledge the languages they know, awards they have won, or any other professional activities they participated in.



Content Writing Job Sectors

Content writing jobs are available in every market sector that has its footprints over the internet.


Some market sectors for Content Writers Jobs:
Real Estate


Always remember that content is king. Hence, every website and identity running over the internet will require a content writer.



Content Writer Cover Letter


You will not see the requirement for a cover letter in the JD. However, adding a content writer cover letter with your resume will impress the recruiter.


A cover letter works as a backup of your resume and possesses all the details that generally do not get a place in the resume, including your accomplishments, abilities, qualities, etc.


So, how to make a professional cover letter?


You can check out the below-given points to get a suitable answer to this question:



Points to make professional cover letter:
Opt for a professional cover letter template suitable to your resume
Add the required sections, i.e., Header, contact, profile title, recruiter details, subject, and body part.
Ensure that you are referring to the recruiter by name instead of ma’am or sir
Write about your accomplishments, qualities, and abilities in the first paragraph
Mention the qualities admired by your previous employers in the second paragraph
Add the thing you like about the new company in the third paragraph
Write what makes you the perfect fit for this role in the final paragraph
Close your cover letter with a note that you are expecting a revert soon


Note- Always remember not to say anything bad about your previous employers to the new ones. It will put up a finger on your loyalty and professionalism.



HyreSnap Content Writer Job Assistance


Building a resume for content writer jobs is as difficult as writing a resume for any technical position. Hence, you need to be focused and patient while building a content writer resume. 

However, if you are in a hurry and want quick results, you can check out HyreSnap Resume Builder. It is an artificial intelligence-based platform that helps you build your resume quickly.



Features and qualities of our AI resume builder:
AI Job Board
Unlimited Resume Downloads
10+ Customisable Resume Templates
AI Job Matcher
Live Resume Score
Mock Interviews
24X7 Chat Support


You can follow all these above-given points and steps to write a professional resume for content writer jobs in 2023. Additionally, we have also listed some key takeaways that you can consider reading if you have missed anything:



Key Takeaways
Pick a reverse chronological or combination resume format
Add all the required resume sections based on the resume format you have chosen
Start filling in the details in bullet points except for the resume summary
Add technical keywords and metrics throughout the resume
Highlight essential information in every section except the resume summary
Make separate sections for your key skills and technical skills
Write a content writer cover letter to boost your resume performance
Proofread twice before using your resume and cover letter for any job application


Additionally, you can clear all your career-centric doubts by consulting with career experts at HyreSnap. You can always feel free to reach us at contact@hyresnap.com. We are here to help every job seeker build a bright career.




Build your resume in 10 minutes
Elevate your interview chances with our Modern Resume Templates that follows the exact 'Resume Rules' that employers look for.
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