5 tips to write a job winning resume for freshers

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Resume for Freshers

As a college student, your ultimate goal is to land a job at the end of your final year. But the question that comes up is why you should go for off-campus placements? Well, firstly, it's best not to put all your eggs in the on-campus placements basket. Secondly, off-campus placements give you many benefits. They provide you with more exposure, give you diverse options to choose from, and the satisfaction of joining a company you want to work in. Do you know, Bharat Pay is giving BMW bikes to professionals that are joining them, as an extended bonus. Think, how many such opportunities you will miss by not opting for off-campus placements.


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But for an off-campus placement you need a resume. Writing a resume for the first time can be very confusing and challenging. So you need a best resume builder for freshers. What should you as a fresher include that makes your resume stand out from the crowd? Well, to help, here are five tips that will help you write your job winning resume in no time.



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1. Use relevant keywords


Today, all the big and known companies use a software called ATS to help streamline their recruitment process. ( To know more about ATS, click here) ATS looks for keywords set by company HRs disguised in the job descriptions. The only way to beat ATS and score an interview is to have those exact keywords in your resume. For example, The job description says a Content writer with knowledge of SEO is needed. Then your resume must include SEO as a skill to beat the ATS.


2. Give proof with skills


Tell me something, which of the two sounds better?

1.Selected first  out of 230 participants for exceptional leadership skills

2. I have exceptional leadership skills 

The first one obviously sounds better. This way, you don't just tell HR you have a skill, you show them with proof, backing your claim. The second one is only words. How does an HR know what you are claiming is true? Writing your skills and accomplishments with proof makes your resume stand out and shows how you are the best candidate for the job. It adds weight to your statements and claims.


3. Add a summary


Let's break a misconception here, should we write a summary or an objective in our resume? Contrary to popular belief, you should never write your objectives in your resume. (to know more on what not to include in your resume, click here) Why? Because HR and the company don't need or care about your vision for the future. But then , what should we write? We at HyreSnap have already studied over 100,000 resumes and discussed details with HRs and other experts. Guess what, it turns out: the summary part of your resume is the most critical section that HRs look at when it comes to initial screening.

Adding a summary is helpful as in just two to three lines, you tell HR why you are the best candidate for the job. A good summary statement includes crisp and relevant information about yourself. To make your statements powerful add proof to your summary. 



Computer Engineering Graduate skilled at Python development. Won a Microsoft Python Game Development Challenge among 10,000 participants.


For example, the job description says that the company is looking for a Python Developer. In that case an ideal summary for a Computer Engineering Fresher will be - Computer Engineering Graduate skilled at Python development. Won a Microsoft Python Game Development Challenge among 10,000 participants.

But what if you are not a computer engineer, and are looking for a career change?



Graduate passionate about software programming and skilled at Python development. Completed a 6-month Python certification in 2 months and completed 5 freelance development projects.


( To know more about summary, click here)




4. Education


Education is the most important and relevant section as a fresher. But one common confusion that comes to this section is whether we should write our GPA in our resume or not. Let's make one thing clear: your resume is like your advertisement. You don't want to highlight your flaws in it. Hence if your college GPA is not very good, it's better that you don't include it in your resume. You can write your other achievements in college while writing your education section. But remember to give proof for each achievement you mention. Use bullet points and don't go beyond eight points. When it comes to 10th and 12th marks, the same logic as GPA is applied. If they aren't good, don't mention them. Talk about your other achievements in school instead.






5. Relevant internships, certificate courses,& personal projects


We already know statements backed with proof hold more weight to our claims and help us stand out from the crowd. Relevant internships, show HR that you have some work experience for the job at hand. Internships also give you industry inside and exposure which helps you understand which job suits you best. Having a relevant internship also means that the company has to waste less time in your training, and you can join the force sooner than candidates with no exposure or internship.

The same goes for a certification course. They act as proof for skills you claim in your resume. During the pandemic, we all have time in hand. So why not use this time to learn things that will help you get a good job? A lot of courses are available online. You can do it at your comfort and time.

The same logic also applies to a personal project. If there is a subject you find interesting, a problem you have observed, and found a solution to, convert them into a personal project. You can use them as your portfolio for jobs and stand a better chance of securing an interview.

 Put all these under a single category and don't make separate sections for them. ( To know more on which format to use for your resume, click here)



To sum it up, a perfect resume for freshers will look like-



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Author: Khushi Malhotra