How to Choose the Right Interview as a Service Platform in 2023?

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How to Choose the Right Interview as a Service Platform in 2023?

In today's dynamic job market, where the demand for top talent continues to rise, organizations are turning to innovative solutions to streamline their hiring processes. 


One such solution gaining prominence is the Interview as a Service (IaaS) platform. These platforms offer a range of features to simplify and enhance the interview process, from video interviews to assessment tools and more. 


Choosing the right IaaS platform in 2023 can be a critical decision for your organization's hiring success


Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice:



What is an Interview as a Service Platform?



An "Interview as a Service" (IaaS) platform is a digital tool or service designed to assist organizations in conducting more efficient and effective job interviews. These platforms are typically tailored to the needs of employers and HR professionals, providing a range of features and resources to streamline the interview process. 


Here's an overview of what an IaaS platform for employers typically includes:


  • Candidate Assessment: IaaS platforms often include assessment tools to help employers evaluate candidates more effectively. These assessments may involve skills tests, personality assessments, and situational judgment tests.


  • Interview Scheduling: Employers can use the platform to schedule interviews, send invitations to candidates, and manage interview calendars. This feature helps in coordinating interviews with multiple team members and candidates.


  • Video Interviewing: Many IaaS platforms offer video interviewing capabilities. Employers can conduct live video interviews or use pre-recorded video questions for candidates to answer. This is especially useful for remote or global hiring.


  • Collaborative Interviewing: Collaboration tools enable multiple interviewers to participate in the evaluation process. Interviewers can provide feedback, rate candidates, and share insights within the platform.


  • Customizable Interview Templates: Employers can create custom interview templates and questionnaires tailored to specific job roles or departments. This ensures that the interview process is consistent and aligned with job requirements.


  • AI-Powered Insights: Some platforms leverage AI to provide insights into candidate performance. AI algorithms may assess language use, tone, and non-verbal cues to offer insights and recommendations.


  • Interview Feedback: Employers can provide feedback to candidates directly through the platform. This feedback can include both qualitative comments and quantitative ratings.


  • Integration with ATS: IaaS platforms often integrate seamlessly with applicant tracking systems (ATS), allowing for a seamless flow of candidate data and interview results.


  • Compliance and Reporting: These platforms may include compliance features to ensure that interview processes adhere to legal requirements. Reporting tools help employers track interview data and metrics.


  • Candidate Experience: Some IaaS platforms focus on improving the candidate experience. They provide features like interview scheduling, video interview practice sessions, and clear communication channels.


  • Automated Reminders: The platform can send automated reminders to interviewers and candidates, reducing the chances of scheduling conflicts and missed appointments.


  • Security and Data Protection: Robust security measures ensure that candidate data and interview information are protected.


  • Training Resources: Some IaaS platforms offer resources for interviewers, including training modules, interview guides, and best practices.


When Should You Use an Interview as a Service Platform?



You should consider using an Interview as a Service (IaaS) platform in various situations to streamline and improve your interview processes. Here are some scenarios in which an IaaS platform can be particularly beneficial:


  • High Volume Hiring: If your organization is hiring a large number of candidates for a specific role or across multiple positions, an IaaS platform can help manage the influx of interviews efficiently.


  • Remote Hiring: When your hiring process involves candidates from different geographical locations or if you have a remote workforce, video interviewing capabilities in an IaaS platform simplify the screening and evaluation process.


  • Global Talent Search: If you are conducting international hiring and need to interview candidates in different time zones, an IaaS platform's scheduling and video interviewing features become invaluable.


  • Consistency: When consistency in the interview process is essential, such as for compliance reasons or to ensure fairness among candidates, an IaaS platform can help by providing standardized interview templates and evaluation criteria.


  • Collaborative Hiring: In cases where multiple team members or departments are involved in the interview process, an IaaS platform allows for collaborative interviewing, making it easier to gather feedback from different stakeholders.


  • Technical or Skills Assessments: If your hiring process requires candidates to demonstrate specific technical skills or abilities, some IaaS platforms offer skills assessment tools to evaluate these competencies effectively.


  • Efficiency and Time Savings: When you need to expedite the interview process and reduce time-to-hire, an IaaS platform can help by automating tasks like scheduling and feedback collection.


  • Improving Candidate Experience: If you want to enhance the overall candidate experience, certain IaaS platforms provide features like automated interview scheduling, clear communication channels, and practice interview sessions for candidates.


  • Scaling Up or Down: When your hiring needs fluctuate seasonally or with business cycles, an IaaS platform can be scalable, allowing you to adapt your usage to your current hiring demands.


  • Enhancing Data-Driven Decisions: If you want to gather comprehensive data on candidate performance and interviewer feedback to make data-driven hiring decisions, an IaaS platform with analytics and reporting features can be valuable.


  • Compliance and Auditing: In situations where compliance with specific legal or industry regulations is crucial, an IaaS platform can provide features to help ensure adherence and maintain a record of all interview-related activities for auditing purposes.


  • Improving Quality of Hires: If you aim to improve the quality of your hires by enhancing your interview processes, the assessment and feedback features of an IaaS platform can be instrumental.


  • Training and Development: For organizations looking to provide interview training and development resources to their interviewers, some IaaS platforms offer training modules, best practices, and interview guides.


How to Choose The Right Interview as a Service Platform?


Choosing the right Interview as a Service (IaaS) platform for your organization involves careful consideration of your specific needs and requirements. Here are steps to help you select the most suitable IaaS platform:


Define Your Objectives



Begin by clarifying your goals and objectives. What specific challenges or inefficiencies are you trying to address with an IaaS platform? Are you looking to streamline high-volume hiring, improve candidate experience, enhance the quality of hires, or achieve other specific goals?


Identify Key Features


Make a list of the features and capabilities that are essential for your organization. These might include video interviewing, assessment tools, collaboration features, scheduling automation, analytics, and integration with your applicant tracking system (ATS).


Consider User Experience


Evaluate the user-friendliness of the platform. It should be easy for both interviewers and candidates to navigate and use. Conduct a usability test if possible.




Determine if the platform can scale with your organization's hiring needs. It should be flexible enough to accommodate changes in the volume of interviews.




Check if the IaaS platform integrates seamlessly with your existing HR systems, such as your ATS or HRIS (Human Resources Information System). Integration ensures a smooth flow of candidate data and reduces manual data entry.




Assess the level of customization the platform offers. Can you create custom interview templates, evaluation criteria, and questionnaires to align with your organization's specific needs and job roles?


Data Security and Compliance


Ensure that the platform adheres to stringent data security and compliance standards, especially if you handle sensitive candidate information. Request information about their data protection measures and compliance certifications.


Training and Support


Consider the availability of training and support resources. Does the platform provide training for interviewers on how to use the system effectively? What kind of customer support is available, and during what hours?


Cost Structure


Understand the pricing model of the IaaS platform. Is it subscription-based, pay-per-interview, or based on the number of users? Ensure that the pricing aligns with your budget and anticipated usage.


User Feedback and Reviews


Research user feedback and read reviews from organizations that have used the platform. This can provide valuable insights into the platform's strengths and weaknesses.


Trial Period


Whenever possible, take advantage of a trial or demo period to test the platform's functionality and suitability for your needs. This hands-on experience can help you make an informed decision.




Consider whether the platform can grow with your organization. Does it support increased usage and additional features as your needs evolve?


Vendor Reputation


Research the reputation and track record of the IaaS platform provider. Consider factors such as their experience, client base, and customer satisfaction.


Contract Terms


Review the terms and conditions of the contract, including any cancellation policies or hidden fees. Ensure that the contract aligns with your organization's requirements and preferences.


Feedback Mechanisms


Assess whether the platform provides feedback mechanisms to continually improve its services. A responsive and adaptable platform can be more beneficial in the long run.


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The Bottom Line


We have listed all the essential information and guidelines related to choosing the best Interview as a Service platform for your enterprise in 2023. For additional information, answers, or assistance, please contact us at