How Interview as a Service Can Scale Your Hiring?

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Interview as a Service

Hiring the right talent becomes even more critical as businesses grow and expand.


The traditional hiring process, while essential, can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, limiting an organisation's ability to scale rapidly. 


However, with the advent of Interview as a Service (IaaS), companies now have a game-changing solution to streamline and scale their hiring efforts efficiently.


You can opt for any IaaS platform like HyreSnap Interview as a Service to streamline your interviews without affecting your in-house assets.


In this blog, we will explore how Interview as a Service can transform your hiring process and help your organisation achieve rapid and sustainable growth.



What is an Interview as a Service Platform?



An Interview as a Service (IaaS) platform is a technology solution that provides organisations with outsourced, on-demand, and scalable interview services. It aims to streamline the hiring process by offering various interview-related services, often leveraging technology to facilitate remote and efficient interviews.


The key features and functionalities of an Interview as a Service platform typically include:


  • Virtual Interviewing: The platform enables virtual interviews, including live video interviews and pre-recorded video interviews, allowing hiring teams to interact with candidates remotely.


  • Interview Scheduling: IaaS platforms often provide automated interview scheduling, synchronising with the interviewer's calendar and allowing candidates to choose convenient time slots.


  • Interview Coordination: The platform may handle various aspects of interview coordination, such as sending interview invitations, reminders, and follow-ups to candidates and interviewers.


  • Interview Assessment Tools: IaaS platforms may offer assessment tools to evaluate candidates consistently and objectively, often including scoring mechanisms and evaluation criteria.


  • Candidate Feedback: The platform facilitates collecting and consolidating feedback from multiple interviewers, streamlining the decision-making process.


  • Collaboration and Communication: IaaS platforms may offer features that enable real-time collaboration and communication among hiring teams and interviewers, promoting practical candidate evaluation.


  • AI-Driven Insights: Some platforms utilise artificial intelligence and data analytics to derive insights from interviews, assisting in candidate evaluation and decision-making.


  • Integration with ATS: Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) allows seamless data exchange and management of candidate information.


  • Customization: Organisations can often customise interview questions, assessment criteria, and branding to align with their unique hiring needs and employer branding.


  • Candidate Experience: The platform emphasises providing a positive and user-friendly experience for candidates during the interview process.


  • Compliance and Security: IaaS platforms prioritise data security and compliance with privacy regulations to protect candidate and organisation data.


When Should You Use an Interview as a Service Platform?



An Interview as a Service (IaaS) platform can be beneficial in various scenarios, and its usage can be particularly advantageous under the following circumstances:


  • High Recruitment Volume: If your organisation experiences a high volume of job applications and interviews, an IaaS platform can help streamline the interview process, automate scheduling, and facilitate candidate assessments efficiently.


  • Remote Hiring: When hiring candidates from different geographic locations or for remote positions, an IaaS platform with virtual interviewing capabilities can enable seamless and effective remote hiring.


  • Seasonal Hiring or Project-Based Recruitment: For organisations with seasonal hiring needs or needing to hire for specific projects, an IaaS platform offers flexibility and scalability in conducting interviews during peak hiring periods.


  • Scaling and Expansion: If your company is rapidly growing or expanding into new markets, an IaaS platform can support the increased demand for interviews and hiring while maintaining consistency and efficiency.


  • Decentralised Teams: An IaaS platform provides a centralised and standardised approach to conducting interviews and managing candidate evaluations for companies with geographically dispersed hiring teams.


  • Specialised Roles or Niche Skills: When hiring for specialised roles or positions requiring specific skills or qualifications, an IaaS platform can help you effectively identify and evaluate the most suitable candidates.


  • Limited Internal HR Resources: If your HR team is resource-constrained or has limited interview coordination and scheduling bandwidth, an IaaS platform can relieve the burden and optimise the hiring process.


  • Need for Objective Assessments: IaaS platforms often offer assessment tools that enable objective candidate evaluations based on predefined criteria, reducing bias and improving hiring decisions.


  • Enhancing Candidate Experience: An IaaS platform with user-friendly interfaces and smooth communication channels can improve the candidate experience, leaving a positive impression on potential hires.


  • Leveraging Technology and AI: Organisations looking to incorporate technology-driven solutions and AI-driven insights into their hiring process can benefit from IaaS platforms' advanced capabilities.


How Interview as a Service Can Scale Your Hiring?


Interview as a Service (IaaS) can significantly scale your hiring process by providing a range of benefits that enhance efficiency, save time, and improve the overall candidate experience. Here's how IaaS can help scale your hiring efforts:


  • Efficient Interview Coordination: IaaS platforms automate interview scheduling and coordination, reducing the manual effort recruiters require. This efficiency allows your hiring team to handle a more significant number of interviews simultaneously.


  • Virtual Interviews: IaaS platforms enable virtual interviews, including live video interviews and pre-recorded video interviews. This virtual approach eliminates geographical constraints, allowing you to reach and assess candidates from anywhere, thereby expanding your talent pool.


  • Streamlined Candidate Assessment: IaaS platforms often offer assessment tools and standardised evaluation criteria, ensuring consistent candidate evaluations across the hiring team. This streamlining saves time and enhances the quality of candidate assessments.


  • Faster Decision-Making: With easy access to consolidated feedback from multiple interviewers, your hiring team can make quicker and more informed hiring decisions, expediting the overall recruitment process.


  • Scalability and Flexibility: IaaS platforms can handle more interviews during peak hiring periods or when scaling the workforce for growth or seasonal needs. The platforms can adapt to your hiring demands, ensuring a seamless experience for both recruiters and candidates.


  • Integration with ATS: Many IaaS platforms integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), allowing for smooth data exchange and efficient candidate management. This integration simplifies the hiring process and keeps candidate information organised.


  • AI-Driven Insights: Some IaaS platforms leverage AI and data analytics to derive insights from interviews, aiding in candidate evaluation and identifying the best-fit candidates efficiently.


  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: IaaS platforms often offer user-friendly interfaces and clear communication channels, leading to a positive candidate experience. A positive impression can attract more candidates and improve the overall employer brand.


  • Consistency and Standardization: Standardising the interview process through an IaaS platform ensures that all candidates are evaluated fairly based on the same criteria. This consistency helps you make fair and objective hiring decisions.


  • Resource Optimization: By automating various aspects of the interview process, IaaS platforms free up valuable time for your HR team, enabling them to focus on higher-level strategic tasks and candidate engagement.


  • On-Demand Access to Interviewers: Some IaaS platforms offer access to a pool of skilled interviewers who can conduct interviews as needed, providing additional support during busy hiring periods.



The Bottom Line


You can choose any IaaS platform, such as HyreSnap Interview as a Service, to conduct bulk interviews for your organisation and get better hiring results. For additional details, you can contact our experts at We are working hard to help you conduct analytical interviews for your company without blockers.