10+ Reasons Why You Should Use Interview as a Service Platform in 2023

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Interview as a service

Should you use an Interview as a Service platform for your next hiring?


Before answering this question, let us see the insights of using an Interview as a Service platform.


Interviews take most of the time during a hiring process. You have job portals to seek candidates and ATS to screen them, but you are still using the traditional interview process in the 21st century.


Though only 20% of candidates in a recruitment process make it to the interview round, interviewing them takes more time than the rest of the recruitment process. You can ease the process by using an Interview as a Service platform.


Considering this, here we are answering all the what's and whys of using an Interview as a service platform in 2023, including:


  • What is interview as a service?
  • Why should you use an Interview as a service platform?


The availability of recruited resources always remains a concern in this techno-centric era. Sometimes you might not have a technology expert in your company that you are hiring for.


In such cases, platforms like HyreSnap Interview as a Service take part. It has 450+ technology experts who will help you execute and perform the entire interview process. 


You will also get a detailed analytic report of your candidates by which you can opt for the right one for your company.


For now, let’s get some more details about Interview as a Service in 2023:



What is Interview as a Service?


Interview as a Service is a facility that helps you execute interviews without engaging your company's internal human resources. 


The platform officials execute the entire interview process, and you will get a report on whether your shortlisted candidate is eligible for the position.


The process of Interview as a Service goes like this:
The recruiter gives the list of shortlisted candidates and Job Description to IaaS
IaaS, with its wide range of tech experts, executes interviews and prepare reports
These reports get transferred to the recruiter to analyse and select candidates based on performance



Why Should You Use an Interview as a Service Platform?


India is the third largest generator of tech startups globally, which means the demand for tech candidates is huge in India. 


In such times, the availability of every tech expert is not possible in every startup, which becomes a blocker while hiring candidates for a new tech stack.


Apart from this, most startups do not have big teams and separate departments for specific tasks. 


It means startups do not have much time to interview a lot of candidates. Hence, an Interview as a Service platform can greatly help the startup market to automate the recruitment process.


Here are 10 benefits of using an Interview as a Service platform to handle the interview process in your company:



Reduces Hiring Time


Using an Interview as a Service will save a lot of recruiter time. When you use the Job platform to seek candidates and ATS to screen resumes, why interview every shortlisted candidate by yourself? 


Interview is the most time-consuming process of the entire recruitment cycle, and you can also automate it with the help of the Interview as a Service platform.



Reduce Cost

As a company, you will face losses if you do not achieve hiring targets on time. Generally, companies use their current resources to achieve hiring targets, which reduces billing hours. 


This reduction of cost per hire is unavoidable in the short as well as long run. This is why your company needs an Interview as a Service platform.



Quality Hiring


With the help of tech experts, Interview as a Service platform officials can analyze every candidate effectively and will come up with a detailed report for every candidate. 


Then you can check the performance of every candidate by yourself and select a suitable one for your company without wasting time.



Efficient Recruitment Process


The recruitment process has been completely transformed in recent days. Everything in the process is getting automated straight from the candidate hunting to the interview execution. 


Hence, you also need an Interview as a Service platform to keep up the hiring pace in your company.



Unbiased Recruitment


Sometimes your company recruits unsuitable candidates for any reason like time shortage. 


Using the Interview as a Service platform will help you dodge some issues. You can try hyresnap.com as it is one of the finest Interview as a Service platform available today.



Bridges the Interview Capacity Gap


Technology is getting more advanced every day, and you can see new languages emerging that can be useful. 


But you can not hire anyone without an expert, and Interview as a Service platform can be that expert. It will offer you the freedom to hire skilled candidates of any niche.


Logistical Nightmare

Recruitment basically requires the availability of professionals from multiple departments in your company. 


It sometimes becomes complex as everyone does not get available at the same time. In this case, you might lose top talent to your competitors, which you would never want. 


Hence, you must use an Interview as a service to get this hurdle out of line.



Interview Experience


Skilled and experienced employees select a company based on its interview process. 


An unprofessional interview cycle may disappoint the shortlisted candidate resulting in him joining your competitor. 


However, the Interview as a Service platform will give them a professional interview experience and portray your good image as an employer.



Comprehensive Reporting


A comprehensive report made by experts in Interview as a Service platform will help you analyze candidates based on their knowledge, background, communication, experience, etc. 


The report will give you a comprehensive overview of the candidates' overall performance.


High Conversion Rate


Executing effective interviews without wasting time and staying directly in touch with the candidates will eventually increase the conversion rate. 


This is how an interview as a service platform will help you automate and improve your recruitment process.



HyreSnap Interview as a Service Platform


Recruitment is a time-consuming process, and wrong hiring can make you experience great loss. Hence it's better to have a subject matter expert by your side.


This is where HyreSnap Interview as a Marketplace can play a big role. Here are some features you will encounter while using our Interview as a Service platform:


Features of HyreSnap Interview as a service platform:
Cost Efficiency
450+ Subject Knowledge Experts
Faster Interviews
1500+ Interview Frameworks
Structured Interviews
Customizable Functionality



Key Takeaways
Outsourcing interview process saves time and money
Use of HyreSnap technology and interviewers streamline recruitment process
Data-driven insights and AI-powered tools reduce bias and ensure fair hiring process
Better quality hires and increased retention rates
Scalability of recruitment efforts in a competitive job market
Improved candidate experience with flexible scheduling and detailed feedback on application status



Finding and selecting a suitable candidate takes a lot of time and resources, especially if you are a growing startup. Additionally, you need to be a subject matter expert to analyze candidates in a specific niche. 


You can try HyreSanp Interview Service Platform once, as it has a massive number of subject matter experts and is professional enough to impress highly experienced candidates. For additional details, you can contact us at contact@hyresnap.com.


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