6 Reasons why HyreSnap is the best Resume Builder on the internet today.

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6 Reasons why HyreSnap is the best Resume Builder on the internet today.

If you’re looking to make a resume and using a resume builder, you probably know about the dozens of resume builders floating around on the internet. This can, unfortunately, lead to a choice paralysis and lead you to procrastinate creating that perfect resume.

To assist you in zeroing in on the perfect resume builder, we are highlighting the amazing features of the AI driven HyreSnap platform.

We analysed the common resume builders out in the market today to come up with 6 distinct features that point out how HyreSnap’s Resume Builder is the best!




1. Ease of Access:


HyreSnap’s Resume Builder has a large range of applications and features, and all of them are tied together neatly by our easy-to-understand User Interface. Check out more here. 

A handy and simple User Interface can help you to navigate and edit your resume faster and more easily, which can allow for more ideas to flow making your resume building experience better.




2. Extended Range of Features, including:






#Heading and personal details

Your resume naturally needs your personal details as a prerequisite. HyreSnap has done the job for you and made it easy to edit and add any personal information you may want to include on your resume. 



In the second round of recruitment, the HR will go through your resume summary to look for qualifying candidates. Thus, it is a very important section of your resume. HyreSnap’s Resume Builder helps you write your summary by providing a flexible text editor, with recommendations customised to the job you are applying to! (more on this here)


#Skills section

Your Skills section is the most important section of your resume. Employers, Resume-Screening software, and every part of the recruitment pipeline will go through this section intensively to judge you, so you better make this section perfect! 

You can best do this with the help of HyreSnap’s Resume Builder, which not only recommends skills based on your job title, but also gives you the option of making multiple skill buckets under which you may add different sets of skills as you please! 


Check out what kinds of skills you may want to add on your resume here.  (also check out our blog on this!)


#Work Experience section:

Once recruiters see your skills, they will want to see proof of work, which can be handily provided using the Work Experience section. Use HyreSnap’s resume builder to edit your Work Experience section to perfection! 

(also see: how to write one)


#Education Section

Another section that can make a recruiter confident about hiring a candidate is the education section. A well presented education section can be the difference between getting hired and not making it to the interview round ! HyreSnap’s Resume Builder can help you fill in the Education section flawlessly, as well as give you tips on how to make it better!



#Additional Sections:

HyreSnap gives you the opportunity to add any sections(projects, achievements, certifications etc) at the end of your resume, and the cherry on top is the AI and HR approved specific suggestions to add which boost your chances of landing a particular job title you’re applying for! 





3. Resume Evaluation:


One of the most unique features of HyreSnap’s Resume Builder is the AI-Assisted Resume Evaluation Feature. This feature analyses your resume along with the job description and gives you objective feedback on what your resume is missing and needs. All you got to do is just copy and paste the Job description given in the advertisement you are responding to. HyreSnap will highlight the ‘keywords’ that are missing in your resume and help you curate a perfect ATS compliant resume. With this feature, HyreSnap gives you a job match rating out of 100 along with tips to improve your resume! 

Check out more here




4. User Suggestions:


Every step of the way, HyreSnap will help you fine-tune your resume and give suggestions. In certain sections it helps you rephrase and rediscover some skills and achievements you may have by giving you appropriate feedback regarding language and structure.




5. Specialised Templates:

"Well Begun is Half Done”. The same applies to a resume. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can use one of HyreSnap’s templates that we have chosen after working with 40+ HR Experts and our AI powered algorithm.




6. Best deal everytime:







We provide you with the best AI resume building experience at the lowest cost in the marketplace. Our prices are more than competitive and we care for your hard earned money and ensure all our users get the best deal everytime they build a resume on HyreSnap.

It’s practically a no brainer now that we know how convenient and effective a resume built on HyreSnap is.. 

So What are you waiting for ? HyreSnap your resume today.