Tech Resume: Why You Need One?

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Tech Resume

One industry that has seen uptrend in recent years is the tech industry. 


With many start-ups and businesses coming up, the demand for tech professionals is high. With that being said, there is no doubt that so many people have started pursuing careers in tech. 


But the question is, when about 2 million people are applying for the same job, how do the companies select the right candidates? 


The answer is simple: they screen you through with your resume. So why not upgrade your resume to a tech resume that matches job requirements?


The question that then comes to mind is what is a resume? A resume is a one-page long summary of your relevant work experience, skills and education that helps recruiters know you are the best candidate for a job.


The next question that comes is even if we have a degree or diploma from a reputed college or university, do we still need to work on a resume? 

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The answer is yes, with so many people applying for tech jobs, the demand is not for just a tech professional, it is for a great tech professional that knows what he/she is doing. 



What Is Tech Resume?


A tech resume is a document that outlines a job seeker's education, experience, skills, and achievements in the technology industry. 


It is specifically designed for individuals looking for jobs in technology-related fields such as software engineering, web development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and IT support.


A tech resume should highlight the job seeker's technical skills and experience, including programming languages, software development tools, databases, and other relevant technical skills. 


It should also demonstrate the job seeker's ability to solve complex problems, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively with team members and clients.


In addition to technical skills and experience, a tech resume should also include relevant education, certifications, and any other industry-specific training. 


It may also include links to online portfolios, code samples, or relevant projects that showcase the job seeker's skills and accomplishments.



How To Write Cv For Tech Job


Writing a CV for a tech job requires careful attention to detail and a focus on showcasing your technical skills and experience. Here are some tips on how to write a CV for a tech job:



Customize your CV for the job


Carefully review the job description to identify the specific skills and experience that the employer is looking for. Tailor your CV to highlight your most relevant skills and experience for the job.



Use the right format


A CV for a tech job should be clear, concise, and easy to read. Use bullet points and short, concise sentences to highlight your skills and experience.



Focus on technical skills


Use the skills section of your CV to highlight your technical skills, including programming languages, software development tools, databases, and other relevant technical skills.



Highlight your accomplishments


Use specific examples of projects you have worked on or problems you have solved to demonstrate your technical skills and accomplishments.



 Use action verbs


Use strong action verbs to describe your skills and accomplishments, such as "developed," "managed," or "implemented."



Include relevant education and certifications


List any relevant degrees, certifications, or industry-specific training that you have completed.



Use industry-specific terminology


Use relevant industry-specific terminology throughout your CV to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the field.



Highlight soft skills


In addition to technical skills, highlight your soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities.



Provide links to relevant online profiles


Include links to your online profiles, such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, or LinkedIn, to showcase your work and professional network.



Proofread and edit


Before submitting your CV, proofread it carefully for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure that it is clear, concise, and easy to read.


Overall, a well-crafted CV for a tech job should effectively showcase your technical skills and experience while demonstrating your potential value to a potential employer in the technology industry.



Importance of Tech Resume


Here is a list of reasons that will make you guys see why a tech resume is important.



Company Name on Resume isn’t enough


Did you know that even if you have worked for tech giants like Google, Facebook or Apple, if your resume isn’t written right, you can still get rejected. Sounds odd right, but that's the truth. 


If you just mention the names of the companies in your work experience section, without elaborating about your job responsibilities, achievements, accomplishments or growth, why do you think the company will hire you


Just having names with little to no proof backing or supporting your claims makes them look weak. As a candidate you should use your work experience to your advantage. Hence, working on your resume is important.



LinkedIn isn’t enough


Another mistake you can make as a candidate is just sending your LinkedIn profile instead of an actual resume. This method will definitely land you in the rejected pile. Why you might ask? The answer is simple,


It shows you are not really interested and hence put little to no effort in it.


All your skills and work experience are there. That means there is no segregation that allows the recruiter to only see relevant skills and experience.


Keywords are not there. Most companies run resumes through a software called ATS. That means, resumes that lack keywords set by recruiters, will simply get rejected.



7 Second Scan


As we know already, about 2 million people are applying for a job. How much time do you think the HR will scan or the recruiter will spare on a single resume? 


The answer is simple. In the 2018 Eye-Tracking Study, it was found that the time HR spends on the initial screen of a resume is 7.4 seconds. 


That means that you have only 7 seconds to stand out from the rest of the fish in the job recruitment pound. That means if your resume is generic, doesn’t highlight your personality, skills or accomplishments you will never make it to the interview. 


Therefore, it's important to work on making a tech resume.



ATS (Application Tracking System)


Application tracking system (ATS) is a software that manages the recruiting and hiring process, including job postings and job applications. 


It puts together information about people looking for jobs and makes it easy to find. An ATS, as its name suggests, keeps track of applicants as they go through the hiring process. 


It helps schedule interviews, sends out notifications and alerts, and sends candidates and employees, like recruiters and hiring managers, emails on their own.


But these systems do a lot more than just keep things in order.


An ATS is also used to narrow down the list of applicants and suggest the best ones. It might do a first look at the applicants to see who would be the best fit for a job.


It could also look for keywords or use AI-like algorithms to find out more about the job applicant. The goal is to make it easier for HR to look over job applications and resumes quickly. 


Created for large companies that are used to getting thousands of inbound job applications every week, today, 99% of Fortune 500 companies rely on ATS software to help streamline their recruitment process. 


ATS screens through thousands of candidates who applied for a job with predefined keyword search set by HR. It filters the applicant resumes through skill-based pre-sets matching the job description.


Hence, if you have a Tech Resume compatible with ATS and which can crack ATS, then you are not far away from landing into your dream job.



3 Piles Of Resume


After going through all the resumes, the HR or the recruiter, separates the resumes in three piles namely, 

  • Yes pile- 
  • May be Pile
  • No Pile


Studies show that it takes employers about 8 seconds to look at a resume and decide whether to put it in the "Yes," "No," or "Maybe" pile.


In fact, the only part that everyone will read is your opening profile or summary, so it needs to be strong and set you apart from other candidates.


Your opening sentence should say that you have been successful at giving the employer what they want. The next section talks about your years of experience and the companies you've worked for.


Yes-Pile is the pile that has resumes best for the job, these resumes include all the skills and work experience the company is looking for. 


The number of resumes that land in this pile are not more than 5. In case the HR finds a 6th resume, the resume that is weakest amongst them goes to the maybe pile.


Maybe pile means, resumes that are good, but not great to land here. If the number of resumes in the Yes pile are enough, you will never land an interview, even if you are on top of the pile.


No pile- Most of the resumes land here. Only a handful make it to maybe and 5 make it to the yes pile.


Therefore, it's clear that if you want to land a job you need a yes pile resume. And for that you need to work on your resume every time you apply. 


While preparing your resume, you need to also know what not to write in resume. 



Wow, reading all this makes us realize, even as a techie, if we don’t have the right resume, we might not land a job? 


So, what should we do? The answer is easy, use HyreSnap. Our AI Engine extracts the keywords from the job description and automatically includes them in your resume within minutes. 


Not only that, it helps you present your skills and accomplishments in an optimal manner that matches the job description.


We also provide you with a job search option where you can easily find jobs that match your resume in any city of your choice. Our resume formats are ATS friendly and approved by more than 40 HR experts. 


We make your resume-building process easy and efficient. You can write your job-winning resume in just fifteen minutes. Use HyreSnap resume builder to make your perfect resume now.




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Elevate your interview chances with our Modern Resume Templates that follows the exact 'Resume Rules' that employers look for.
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Build Your Resume Excellent4.8out of 5 onTrustPilot
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