Everything you need to know about Job Interview Etiquette

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Job Interview Etiquette

Whether you bump into your relatives at a party or covet a business connection, your etiquette and how welcome you make the other person feel matters. 
The interaction between you and your hirer in the interview room will be chiefly about them examining your potential on various parameters. Under tremendous pressure, your etiquette and courtesy will get you through the interview round.

You're going to learn:

1. How you're perceived when you arrive at the interview venue?
2. Your body language reveals more than what you think.
3. How to make the right impression during the interview?



Inconsequential of how much you squeal about sitting for an interview, you must go for the jugular and breakthrough with flying colours. Vouching for yourself, especially in a compressing situation in front of the "firing squad" can be intimidating, and it can be apprehended to some extent that you might get edgy landing with an average performance. 
So, jack up and practise these lucid socially-accepted ways that are unquestionably decisive to make a great impression on the interviewer.


The interviewer should feel- What perfect timing!

It is taken as read, be punctual!
This might be stupefying to the eyes, but most of the interviewees don't reach on time for the interview. You should allow yourself a window to unwind and regather what you have prepared.

A big NO to reaching earlier than expected

A pet peeve many evaluators experience is the interviewees reaching the meeting place ahead of schedule. Take into account; that the odds are that your interviewer might have other projects and timelines to meet and would also demand some leeway to get everything set before the interview. Your presence might stress them out and even be somewhat vexed.

Snap Tip: Making an appearance just 15 minutes early will be the perfect timing.


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The kinesics communication

Be conscious of your body movements, gestures, and pose- they significantly convey the message of your emotional state. For instance, folding your arms and legs might be self-soothing but remember, they convey the wrong message. It shows you're playing defensive, and you lack confidence.


Here's a few off-putting interview mistakes you can't overlook-

• Sit upright and look highly inquisitive
• Mutual Gaze
• No leaning or slouching
• Don't outstare
• Don't squirm

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Oversharing is out of bounds

You should give a wide berth to what should be shared with the interviewer, not stretching across your bonding rationale. Being well-disposed and amicable is vital as you must fit into the team. But be mindful of putting out pertinent aspects of life with them.


Don't shake like a leaf; shake it like you're here to take the seat

No shaking hands for formalities. The right and genuine way to shake is by spanning your arm for a solid grip but not being imperious. The crimp between your forefinger and thumb should meet with the other person's fingers. Sometimes, you may struggle for a confident shake, but practising with your chum might help.


HR fact

The candidate’s body language tells how confident they are.



Yes, a job interview is an intimidating exercise. Whether you're a fresher or a seasoned-comer, you might get fearful. But preparing beforehand and putting your mind to these weeny details will surely lead your way to the job. You'll do great!


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