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How HyreSnap Resume Builder works


Pick a Resume Template

HyreSnap offers various ATS friendly resume templates and a database of pre-written HR approved statements for easy resume creation.

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AI Resume Score and Suggestions

Our powerful AI will review your resume against industry best practices and guide you to get that perfect score. Over 80% of job seekers are rejected by ATS.

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The Perfect Job ‘Match Maker’

Our Job Match feature will compare your resume with job description to identify any skills or keywords that may be missing.

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AI Job Borad

See your compatibility score for every job listing in real-time. Score is based on how well your skills and qualifications match the requirements of the job.

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Creative and Professional Resume Templates

Modern Resume Templates

Elevate Your Resume Game with HyreSnap's Modern, Creative Templates.
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Why use the HyreSnap Resume Builder?

AI Resume Builder

One stop solution

We have a variety of resume templates available, including chronological, functional, classic black-and-white, and unique designs. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Resume Builder

Best AI resume designer

HyreSnap AI has the intelligence of over 40 HR experts and is trained on millions of successful resumes.

CV Maker

Built for all careers

HyreSnap is an inclusive platform for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer, a designer, a fresher or an experienced professional.

Resume Maker

ATS compliant and HR proof

Beat ATS, get more calls with a resume that wows the HR managers.

AI CV Maker

Constantly updated - Trending

For authentic and simpler resume building practice, we keep updating HyreSnap to be inline with the latest hiring and job trends.

CV Builder

Response within 24 hours

Your experience is our priority. We are here for your help. Our support team will respond to any queries with in 24 hours


How does a AI based Resume Maker work?_faq1

How does a AI based Resume Maker work?

  • HyreSnap's resume creator utilizes the combined intelligence of over 40 HR experts to guide users in creating the perfect resume.
  • Step-by-step process with pre-written statement options to choose from.
  • AI Scoreboard provides suggestions at every step of the process to ensure the best choices are made for the user's specific situation.

Which type of resume is best for freshers?

  • A combination resume is the ideal format for freshers to showcase their relevant experience.
  • HyreSnap offers pre-loaded fresher resume formats, eliminating the need for extensive resume creation.
  • With HyreSnap, all you have to do is select a format, input your information, and start applying for jobs.

Which type of resume is best for freshers?_faq2
Why should I use a resume builder?_faq3

Why should I use a resume builder?

  • Building a resume with Word can be a frustrating process, with small changes causing major disruptions to the layout.
  • A resume creator can assist with creating a tailored resume for a specific job position.
  • The resume creator can also suggest relevant keywords and text options to enhance the chances of getting the job.

Who is HyreSnap online resume maker for?

  • HyreSnap resume creator is suitable for all career levels, from freshers to experienced professionals.
  • HyreSnap offers templates for over 10,000 different job positions, including engineers, software developers, designers, business analysts, and marketers.
  • Customized solutions to include in-demand keywords and phrases in your resume to increase chances of success.

Who is HyreSnap online resume maker for?_faq4
Why use an online AI resume builder?_faq5

Why use an online AI resume builder?

  • A resume creator makes it easier to apply for jobs by suggesting text options and keywords for each position, increasing your chances of getting the job you want.
  • The increasing use of AI technology in resume writing makes the process 3x faster and more precise.
  • HyreSnap's resume builder uses AI to create a resume that will help you get the best job for your skills and experience.
  • With HyreSnap, you can find and apply for jobs in just 10 minutes, and compare your resume with specific job descriptions to apply to positions that best match your skills.
  • Traditional methods of writing resumes on paper and sending them to employers are no longer necessary with the use of AI technology and resume designers like HyreSnap, which offers not only great templates and design, but also content that will help you land your dream job.

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