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What is a Freshers Resume?
As a college student, your ultimate goal is to land a job at the end of your final year. But to land a job you need a freshers resume.A resume is a one page long summary of your relevant work experience, skills and education that helps recruiters know you are the best candidate for a job.
How long should a Freshers Resume be?
As a fresher you don’t have a lot of work experience. An ideal resume for freshers should not be more than one page long. In your resume try to highlight your GPA and college achievements. Along with that add internships and certificate courses you did to your resume. Don’t brag too much and showcase your strengths and accomplishments in the freshers resume.
What all you should write in your freshers resume?
Here is a list of 5 things a perfect resume should have -
1. Your Name, Location ,Contact Information
2. Linkedin/Behance/Github/ Portfolio link
3. Summary for Freshers
4. College Name, GPA & Achievements in college
5. Internships, Personal Projects & Certificate Courses
How to write Freshers Resume?
Writing a resume as a fresher, the first time can be very confusing and challenging. What should you as a fresher include that makes your resume stand out from the crowd? The answers to all your resume-related problems are with HyreSnap. Here are a few quick tips for writing a perfect resume for freshers.
1. Use relevant keywords
Today, all the big and known companies use a software called ATS to help streamline their recruitment process. ( To know more about ATS, click here) ATS looks for keywords set by company HRs disguised in the job descriptions. The only way to beat ATS and score an interview is to have those exact keywords in your resume. But searching for the keywords and skills required from just a job description can be a tedious job. Lucky for you, HyreSnap’s resume builder has got your back. Our AI Engine extracts the keywords from the job description and automatically includes them in your freshers resume within minutes.
2. Don’t put your GPA if its not good
Your resume is just like an advertisement. You have to highlight yourself as the best candidate available. Therefore it's best to avoid information that can make you look bad or get you rejected. Hence if your college GPA is not very good, it's better that you don't include it in your freshers resume. You can include your other achievements in college while writing your education section.
3. Don’t add you Salary expectation
Salary is a topic that can be difficult to approach. But your resume is not the place to negotiate your salary details. The recruiter might simply reject you because of the salary expectations you wrote. It's best to reach the interview stage and negotiate these details there.Good for you, HyreSnap provides Webinars to train freshers for interviews. Join HyreSnap now and get access to our Webinar services and free resume builder for freshers.
4. Don’t put your Photograph
Contrary to popular belief, having your picture in your resume ( unless the Job Description asks for one) is a bad idea. We all agree that it should be your qualifications and skills that should get you a job, not your appearance. But in the end, we are all humans. Having your picture can create unwanted bias in the recruiter's mind. They might not like the way you look or judge you on your appearance. Even if they find you good-looking, they might think you are a party animal and not interested in hard work. It's better to avoid a situation like this. Hence avoid putting your picture while writing your freshers resume.
5. Use right formats
Do you know, HR will scan through your resume in just 7 seconds. If the required information isn't visible at first glance, they will just throw your resume in the rejected pile. That makes the format of your freshers resume almost as important as the contents in it. So, how would we know which format is right for us to get the job?HyreSnap has got resume formats for freshers that are ATS friendly and approved by more than 40 HR experts. We make your resume-building process easy and efficient. Not only that, it helps you present your skills and accomplishments in an optimal manner that matches the job description.
HyreSnap is India's first online resume builder where you can make your freshers resume for free. Use our inbuilt AI Resume Review to get a job-winning resume in no time. Not only that you get access to resume samples for freshers. If you are not good with words, don't worry. Use HyreSnap to build your perfect resume without typing a single word. Also, get access to over 200,000 pre-written examples for over 10,000 job titles. Use our services to find the latest jobs that match your resume and increase your interview chances by 3x. Our resume samples for freshers are HR approved and ATS compatible. In just 15 minutes you can write your job winning resume.What are you waiting for, your dream job is a click away.
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