How to upload your resume on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the largest job-posting websites in the world, yet it is mostly known as a professional networking site. Because of its enormous pool of candidates and its numerous filtering options, many potential employers actually favour LinkedIn over other job boards. It is for anybody and everyone interested in adopting a more serious approach to their work life by seeking new possibilities to advance their career and build connections with other professionals.


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How can uploading a resume make you stand in a better position while being hired?
How to upload a resume on LinkedIn
How to upload a resume to a profile?
‘Easy Apply’ process


Even though you may have a stellar LinkedIn profile, it won't always be what catches an employer's eye. The fact that each one has a certain function to play in your job hunt means that you should also publish your CV on LinkedIn.


How can uploading a resume make you stand in a better position while being hired?


Your LinkedIn profile and resume play an equally vital role but have their own different significance. Your profile uses more casual language to give a more complete picture of who you are and to offer details that aren't seen on a resume. Employers look at your profile to locate the information you wouldn't often include on a formal document. Whereas employers evaluate your resume to assess if you are qualified for their specific position by using a professional, fact-based document that is targeted for a certain vocation or work position.

Hence, a resume plays a vital role in picturizing your skills and personality to the employer along with your LinkedIn profile.


How to upload resume on LinkedIn - A step-by-step guide


LinkedIn offers two ways to upload your resume - the first being the resume in profile and the second one being the customized job-specific resume via the ‘Easy apply’.


Here’s how you can upload your resume to your profile


  • Check out your profile.
  • Click "View profile" in the "Me" dropdown menu in the top right corner.
  • To allow modifications, click the pencil symbol next to your profile picture on the right.
  • Click "Upload" under "Media" as you scroll down.
  • Click "Open" after selecting the resume file you have saved to your computer.
  • Include a professional name on your resume (because the file name and description fields are blank by default.)
  • After clicking "Apply," click "Save."


But this option makes your resume very generalised. However, a "generic" CV uploaded without being specifically tailored for a job posting will be overlooked by the majority of hiring managers. 

‘Easy Apply’ being a wise choice allows you to save and upload a number of resumes to use when applying for a variety of jobs. This option allows you to apply to a job (not the one taking you to the job application page) and saves a lot of effort.


Here’s how the ‘Easy Apply’ process works-


  • In the navigation bar of LinkedIn, click the "Jobs" tab.
  • Look for a job by location or title. 
  • To view more information about a position, click the title of the position.
  • To apply for any positions, use the "Easy Apply" button. If you see the Apply button rather than the Easy Apply button, you will be directed to that company's website or job board to continue the application process, according to a notice from LinkedIn.
  • Upload your resume to the job application to include it. In order to make it simple for you to apply for similar jobs in the future, LinkedIn will save the last five resumes you posted along with the time you last used each version.


As with other online job boards, recent LinkedIn resume uploads may be scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS), so be sure your targeted resume is ATS optimised with the proper keywords and layout before you upload. Each LinkedIn job application should include a personalised résumé. This increases your chances of standing out to recruiters and the applicant tracking system, which may result in a first interview.


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LinkedIn provides you with some of the best and easy ways to find and apply for jobs. It is the ideal social media platform for you, regardless of whether you are an engineer, editor, writer, business owner, artist or even a fresher looking for your first job after graduating. Your LinkedIn profile and resume work hand in hand. So, maintain consistency between your LinkedIn profile and résumé, and vice versa. Your application will appear suspicious if there are any changes. Thus, a proper LinkedIn profile and a well-tailored resume can escalate your chances of getting the desired job.