Crack Interviews like a pro - 5 interview hacks

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Crack Interviews like a pro - 5 interview hacks

The clock is ticking, it’s your turn next. The candidate before you has been in there for 15 minutes now. Your palms are sweaty and your throat is a bit scratchy. You look around nervously, everyone here looks so confident. You are about to go to the watercooler for a glass of water when you hear your name. It’s your turn now. You enter the room and three unfamiliar faces turn to look at you. As you are about to take your seat, a voice asks,” Did we ask you to take a seat?” You go blank all of sudden. You try to say something, but words never come out of your mouth. 


Does this story sound similar? Yes, it's the horror story we all call interviews. Job interviews are the final step that you need to climb in order to reach your dream job. But the thing is , these interviews can be scary and tricky, making people sweat even at the thought of them. Especially , when it comes to questions like how many golf balls can you fit in a car? 


But don’t worry. HyreSnap is here to help. Here is a list of 5 interview secrets and tips that will help you crack an interview and secure the job like a pro.




1. Don’t worry about your grammar



English is the language of the professional world, today most business transactions around the globe happen in English. Therefore one can’t deny the importance of the language. But at the same time , you must remember that the companies are looking for employees who are confident in the language, not people who are language teachers. Your main aim in the interview is to convey your point of view in the simplest way possible. So don't worry too much about grammar or using fancy vocabulary to impress the interviewers.


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2. Be alert and use logic



One thing that scares interviewees the most are vague questions or questions that make no sense in regards to the job in hand. One can't prepare for such questions beforehand. But you can use your logical and analytical skills to answer them. For example, the interviewer asks you “how many stairs did you climb to reach this office?”

Of course, you won’t remember unless you have eidetic memory. For a normal human with quick thinking skills the answer will be -

“Let’s see we are on the 3rd Floor, and all staircases are the same. So if one staircase has 7 stairs then, I climbed 21 stairs.”

See they aren’t texting your memory but your problem solving and quick thinking ability. 

To answer such questions one needs to be alert, and to be alert one needs to be fresh. So remember, before the night of your interview go to bed early, and take proper rest.




3. Talk more about the company not yourself



Let's make one thing straight: the interviewers aren't sitting there to write your biography. They don’t need to know where you were born, how many siblings you have or what your favourite movie is. What they are interested in knowing is that will you fit in the company environment. So it’s better if you do your homework before going for an interview, find out more about their work culture and work ethics, what the company values are and what they do. Think if you say you love wearing fur coats and the company you are applying for as a fashion designer is a vegan one. Do you think they will employ you? Of course not. So learn about the company before you go for an interview.




4. Talk about your relevant skills



As discussed above the interviewer wants to know whether you have the skills you claimed about in your resume. One good way of doing this is by talking about your works, projects and skills when asked to talk about yourself. For example, you are applying  for the job of a graphic designer, and the interviewer asks you to tell them something about yourself. What will you say?

The correct answer will be Ever since childhood I have had an interest in sketching and drawing, I won first prize in my school and college competitions. I love working on new design projects using Illustrator and Indesign that I upload on my Behance account. 

Therefore always talk about your relevant skills backed by proof.


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5. Don’t beat around the bush



Most of us, when we don't know an answer, start beating around the bush, moving the conversation in circles, avoiding to admit that we don’t know the answer. This can be annoying for the interviewer who has been taking interviews since morning. Moreover, it makes you look immature and unprofessional. The best way to deal with such a situation is to say you don’t know the answer but will go and research it and will come back to them. This looks like a much more professional approach. But after saying that remember to go back to them with the answers.

Hopefully, these give you some insights on how to crack an interview like a professional. You can learn more such tips and tricks by signing up for a HyreSnap Webinar now. Click here to sign up.


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Author: Khushi Malhotra