11 Resume objectives that landed many in dream jobs

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11 resume objectives

It might be tedious to jot everything perfectly in your resume and get your goals covered. But there stands the protagonist of the story - ‘Resume objective’. Most people believe that the career objective column on a resume is unnecessary. But it goes without saying that the career objective on your resume will get the recruiters' attention. 

You’re going to learn:
What is a Resume objective?
How to write a resume objective that stands out
Examples of job-winning resume objectives


It may seem difficult to come up with the ideal career aspirations for freshers. Whether you intend to launch your career or want to update your resume? Resume objectives play a crucial part. They'll make an effort to describe your personality, desires, and future objectives from it. So, be careful with anything you mention it. Don’t worry we have got you all covered. 


What is Resume objective?


A resume objective is an opening statement to your resume. It is a short description of you, your career goals and objectives. It’s like the pitch of your resume. 

Writing resume objectives can be beneficial as a personal activity because they not only keep you focused but also help you realise your professional potential. 

You must consider writing a captivating resume objective if you are fresher or you want to switch your career.


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How to write a resume objective that stands out?


It's important to comprehend your professional aspirations and goals before writing a career objective for a resume. 

A well-written career objective will show your employer that you are the ideal candidate they have been searching for, regardless of whether you are just starting out, changing careers, or have significant experience.

If you are having trouble crafting your objective, consider finishing the rest of your resume and then use all your accentuating skills, qualifications and goals to your resume objective.


Here are a few points you should consider while writing a resume objective- 

  • Keep your goals specific
  • Highlight your key skills 
  • Portray your strong traits.
  • Keep it short (2-3 lines)
  • Avoid using first-person pronouns 
  • Customise your resume objective as per the job description.
  • Add What Value Can You Bring to the Company?


Wrong way:


Looking for a role of teacher. I have a master’s degree and I have good knowledge of student engagement, behavioural learning, and class management strategies. I’m capable of conducting classes in both in-person and online instruction. I also have advanced teaching skills.


Right way:


A skilled, and innovative educator with a master's degree, and advanced teaching skills, seeking a higher secondary teacher role. Possess solid knowledge of student engagement, behavioural learning, and class management strategies. Devoted to empowering kids and assisting them in appreciating the significance of education. Capable of conducting both in-person and online instruction.


Examples of job-winning resume objectives:


Generic Resume Objectives:


  • Obtain a responsible career opportunity that will allow making the most of my education and experience while significantly contributing to the company's success.
  • Seeking a job with a company that can offer me a variety of chances to increase my knowledge and abilities while assisting the company in accomplishing its objectives.


Resume Objectives for Freshers:


  • MBA in marketing from JB College Mumbai. Effectively acquired first-hand knowledge of the duties at a summer internship programme with Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Aspiring to broaden my skill set and enhance my capabilities.
  • Highly skilled software engineer looking for an entry-level job in a company with the potential for advancement. Possess extensive programming skills and expertise in backend web development, as well as three months of internship experience in the same.


Job Specific Resume Objectives:


  • Medical Assistant - 

Efficient, patient-focused Certified Medical Assistant with 7+ years of extensive experience in providing a variety of healthcare services and administrative assistance to support organizational objectives. Possess a genuine passion for delivering premium, compassionate patient care, and helping diverse people within the healthcare industry. Excellently focused and organised, managing several tasks in a fast-paced, high-stress atmosphere.


  • Sales Executive-

Seeking a position as a Sales Executive with <XYZ Company>, possessing four years of experience, the ability to use persuasion effectively, and provide great customer service. Willing to use vast talent, ingenuity, and teamwork to boost sales.


  • Architect-

A skilled architect with more than 8 years' experience creating internationally acclaimed buildings for happy clients. Creating unique designs, managing project teams, and establishing strong client relationships are all aspects of my skill.


  • Legal Assistant -

Looking for a position as a Legal Assistant at <XYZ firm> to efficiently utilize my knowledge in case briefing, summarising dispositions, and performing investigations, as well as my superior knowledge of finding and producing case-relevant information and managing attorney calendars.


  • Barista -

Excellent personality seeking XYZ Cafe’s barista position with strong interpersonal and customer service abilities. Delivering exceptional abilities in coffee preparation and crafting, stocking supplies, customer service, cleaning, and team management with more than five years of experience.


Career switching resume objectives:


  • Career switch from Customer service expert to Digital marketing associate- 

Professional with a track record of boosting customer satisfaction who is driven and dedicated. Looking to shift into the digital marketing industry in order to make use of my problem-solving abilities and add to my three-plus years of customer service expertise.


  • Career switch from Mathematics teacher to a software developer-

A dedicated and analytical person who enjoys problem-solving, creative thinking, and paying attention to details. By concentrating efforts on the creation of applications, websites, and other tools to improve education for adults and children—from learning English to using mathematics to find real-world solutions. Hoping to combine an enthusiasm for software with a love of learning.


Hopefully, these examples have given you some insights on how to craft a resume objective that can land you many dream jobs. You can also get your hands at resume objective writing keeping in mind the tips to structure one. You can also check out our AI resume builder which can get you amazing resume objectives. 

Hr Facts!
Personal pronouns on resumes have a 55% negative hit. Additionally, action verbs increase the chances of an interview by 140%.